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Akpi Seed Cream (4 oz)

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Akpi Seed Cream (4 oz)

Natural Buttocks, Hip, & Breast Enlargement for Women! No Steroids! Safe & Effective!

Akpi seed (also known as Djansang) is a natural seed that naturally, safely, and effectively help to enlarge and firm a woman's buttocks, hips and breasts. Naturally enlarge your butt and hips and firm and lift your breasts without needing expensive and risky surgery.

Akpi is found in several parts of the African continent and goes by several names, including Djansang” in Ghana, and “Okhuen” in Nigeria.

Our cream is vegan or plant-based and contains 100% pure Akpi seed oil and herbal extract. It can be used to firm and enhance the buttocks, hips, and breasts. Simply use twice daily, mornings and evenings. 

This cream works synergistically with our Butt Firming Cream and Cellulite Oil as well as our Female Breasts Oil and Breast Enhancement/Enlargement Cream.

VEGAN Product!

Directions: Apply moderate amount of cream in palm of hands, rub hands together, and then apply to body (breasts, hips, and buttocks). FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Allow one to three months to see results. Use consistently! 

Ingredients: Vegan cream base, Akpi oil; Akpi extract (Akpi seed, Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin, and Alkaline water). 

Container: 4 oz amber glass jar with black crew-on lid.

Weight: 5.5 ounces