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Anti-Viral Oil - 4oz

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Anti-Viral Oil - 4oz

Anti-Viral Oil (formerly "Larivitna Oil") contains botanical oils and essential oils that are designed to help facilitate the natural healing of all adverse external skin eruptions. It is an ideal home treatment for all types of skin eruptions all over the body, including the genitalia region. The oil may be used anywhere on the external body.

Open areas (i.e. blisters and lesions) on the genitalia may be more sensitive than other areas on the body but the contents of the roll-on are sure to help facilitate healing. Our Melissa oil is 100% True Melissa oil from France and is far superior to the standard American version of Melissa.

Directions: Dip a cotton swab into oil and than rub on infected area, or, pour oil on to a cotton ball and then apply to infected area. Roll on or over cold sore or lesion outbreak area as needed. Contents may cause a mild burning sensation when and if used on the external genitalia. If mild burning sensation is irritating, discontinue use until outbreak or lesion begins to heal on its own and open blister or ulcer has closed.
Do Not Use Internally.

Ingredients: Full Strength Ozonated Olive Oil; essential oils of True Melissa (100%), Tea Tree, Manuka, Oregano, Ravensare, Blue Chamomile, and Kanuka.

4 ounces

The above statements have not been approved by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.