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Are There Herbs to Make Your Booty Bigger?

Posted by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra on Feb 5th 2019

You may be laughing at the title of this article but it is a serious inquiry we receive from a few females from time to time. They really want to know if there is a plant they can take that will make their booty grow bigger.

Now to me personally (and as a male), this is a very frivolous inquiry, but then again I’m a man and a practical astrological sign (Taurus). But I must remember that in this society women generally find their self-esteem and self-assurance in their sexual female parts or female embellishments which a lot of emphasis is placed upon in our society, which is very sexist, misogynistic, anti-Yin, and patriarchal.

This “big booty” inquiry is indicative of sistahs (Black females) mostly, just being honest. For the ones with a little tush back there, if they detox, their major concern is will they lose their booty (will their butt get small). You’d think they’d have gold locked up in their booties or something at there expression that they can’t or refuse to do something that will make them their lose their butt, including purify their bodies via detoxing.

Many would rather stay toxic and unhealthy than to lose what little tush they have back there. Women, consciously and unconsciously, place a lot of emphasis on ass and tits and then wonder why that’s all a lot of males want.

The infatuation with a big butt is merely to please males (under the guise of raising one’s self-esteem, self-image, and sexual assurance). Period! Why else would you want a big ass? What does it do for your health? Nothing! It’s all for external and superficial reasons. And it’s not a bad thing. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying it’s shallow or superficial when it becomes a really big deal. The true person is under the skin or flesh, not hidden in the booty, breasts, vagina, penis, chest, or biceps.

It just makes a hell of a statement to find one’s self-esteem and/or high self-image in one’s enhanced and/or defined body part(s). I can understand beauty and aesthetics – looking good, but for your self-esteem to be rooted in something so superficial says a lot about a person (male as well as female). However, to each his own! I respect free will and individual choice. Again, I’m not a female so I won’t or perhaps can’t even understand the dynamic to the degree females can pertaining to their sexual embellishments.

I think it’s the same thing with males who want big muscles of biceps, a protruding chest, or even a large penis. Yeah, it may have a lot to do with self-esteem or how one feels about him or herself, but it still goes back to pleasing another person or impressing the opposite sex. I wouldn’t say in all cases, but in a lot of cases this is the case be it male or female.

Keeping it real, in most cases all a dude is going to do with a woman’s big butt is squeeze it and slap it a few times while he’s hitting it from behind (doggy style). But hey, a lot of ladies like this and I ain’t mad at people getting their groove and excitement on. Hey, do your thing! Free will, baby! Free will!

Well, at any rate, Nature doesn’t share mankind’s frivolity, shallowness, and superficiality so she doesn’t make plants that a woman can consume and her butt magically becomes or grows bigger.

But people are so damn crazy today, man (via corporations) can create a product, something like “Big Booty Booster” or “Big Butt Tonic” or “Phat Azz” and a lot of women will buy it!

Now seriously, if you want a nice, defined, curvaceous backside, you’re going to have to work for it. Your butt has muscles, most notably the gluteus maximus, and like all other muscles, they can be worked out.

gluteus |ˈgloōtēəs| (also gluteus muscle) noun ( pl. -tei |-tēˌī|), any of three muscles in each buttock that move the thigh, the largest of which is the gluteus maximus.

Yes, you can work that butt out. You can perform certain exercises that will cause your butt to swell up (enlarge). All you have to do is find yourself the right gym and perhaps the right trainer and you’ll be well on your way.

However, a little advice: try to balance developing your butt with developing some other things, things of a serious nature, like your mind! Develop your mind, your heart, your character, your morals, ethics, and principles. Don’t be imbalanced. You don’t want to be a dummy with a well-rounded butt. You want to be a well-rounded person (pun not intended).

The same goes for males. You don’t want to be a dumb jock with large muscles or biceps, for if you don’t cultivate your mind along with cultivating your body, you’ll be a muscular slave working for someone else, someone who developed his or her mind.

And lastly, a bit of advice to the women who do eventually gain or achieve that big butt or well-rounded butt: stay fit and in shape because if you don’t, that well-rounded butt will turn into a large trunk of funk. It certainly will! It will become a trunk of funk with all kinds of ugly cellulite (fluid pockets) and stretch marks in and on it, which is a very unsightly scene and you women know this.

This is what happens when you work out and then stop. Those muscles, including the butt muscles, will turn to flab. Flab is also unsightly to the eyes, well, at least to males who aren’t sexually desperate.

Oh, I almost forget to mention it, but there’s also surgical butt enhancement procedures available today but is it really worth it to go under the knife all for a big butt? I mean, what do you do with your butt in the first place, but use it to sit down on? It’s a cushion for sitting.

On many people (especially females), it looks nice, especially in some tight jeans or tight spandex pants, and more so in some panties – I can’t lie about that; but when we really think about it, the butt is just a cushion for us when we sit down. Well, let me add to that – the butt is also an erogenous zone loaded with sensitive cells that are highly sensitive to the touch. It also serves as a fatty reserve for fat on the female body. But still, it is mostly just a cushion for sitting down. We sit down on our butts than anything else we do with the butt.

I guess we could also say that the butt also serves as a protective covering for the rectum. But outside of these things supra, that’s pretty much it. Well, it does come in handy though when you’re into (believe in) corporeal punishment, due to all the sensitive nerve endings and cells in the buttocks.

A good spanking (in my day, childhood years) always involved getting beat or spanked on the butt. Man did you feel the sting of the belt or tree branch (switch). There were a lot more disciplined youth in our society, especially Black youth, when the booty got spanked. And it wasn’t bad either when it was done with love, care, and concern. Physical child abuse was rare in those days too! But then again, there were more grounded parents in those days as well as compared to now.

But physical punishment or corporeal punishment died out in the 1980s and as a result we got more bad ass children on the scene – more gang-bangers, more thugs, more prison inmates, more hot females, more wanna-be pimps and hustlers, and a whole new generation of pole dancers, strippers, and video vixens. However, personally, today I am anti-corporal punishment and do not practice it with my children (three young sons).

The rod has been spared to the booty and the children have been spoiled, but I’m quite sure the American prison industrial complex loves this. To them it’s “Don’t discipline your kids!” “Let them grow up wild and crazy so they can break society’s laws so we can catch them and beat the hell out of them with no mercy and then send their butts to prison to do free labor.” Yes, yes, yes! That’s how it goes!

So, if you really want a big booty, you have some options. Just make sure you don’t harm yourself in exercising some of those options. And, make sure you also balance that big butt with some intelligence (smarts) in your brain. For a lot of men, intelligence is the ultimate beauty. I know it is for me! Be attractive, but also be smart. In most cases, an attractive but dumb woman is seen as and used as a walking sperm bank. She is not on the list at all for marriage, unless a man wants the next best thing to a Stepford Wife (robot).

I must say that the true origin of self-esteem and high self-image and worth stem from the love of self. It is better (in my opinion) to invest in your personality as well as your heart, these are more magnetic than a fleshly body part which will eventually succumb to the effects of gravity. I suggest you read our Love Manual e-book and Mental Science e-book even if you do decide to go on a journey to develop your butt or any other body part.

Recommended product(s): Butt Firming Cream, Maca Root (extract)

Thank you for reading!

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