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Posted by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra on Sep 10th 2018

Just as I wrote about in my article entitled “C-Section,” circumcision too is another unnecessary surgical procedure that is performed solely for financial reasons. Circumcision is surgery. Period!

Little male babies do not need their penile foreskin cut off. It is totally unnecessary, especially in today’s world. Many ancient civilizations performed circumcision for religious rites and ritualistic reasons and purposes, many dealing with sex rituals. According to religio-political occult philosophy researcher Jordan Maxwell, it was discovered that the penis attains an erection quicker while circumcised.

Remove ritualistic reasons (such as belief) behind circumcision and circumcision is absolutely unnecessary and illogical. To say boy babies need to be circumcised is to say God screwed up by leaving the foreskin of the penis in tact and man must come to the rescue and right God’s wrong, and of course to man this is done by removing unnecessary foreskin on the penis, and for a fee or charge, of course.

But you see, this faulty logic derives from grown or mature man and not the little male babies themselves. Babies don’t ask to be circumcised. Grown men circumcise male babies against their will and that’s why circumcision is technically a crime and violation. The same goes for piercing the ears of little baby girls. Parents are not consulting with their children before they do things that alter their children’s body for the rest of their present lives and this is a very unjust thing.

“Awe C’mon on Djehuty!” What parent is going to consult with a little baby about the baby’s body and welfare? And that’s just my point! Because the baby can’t make up his or her mind pertaining to his or her own body, parents should leave the child’s body alone, especially for frivolous cultural and societal reasons, i.e. circumcision and ear piercing, with a necessary and/or serious medical situation being exempt from the equation here.

I can understand a parent having to make a decision in regards to their child receiving a donor organ or having to undergo a necessary surgical operation, not that I believe in these practices or even condone them, however, I could empathize with the parent in this kind of situation, especially more so than compared to some frivolous procedure the child can do without like circumcision or ear piercing because these are so socially acceptable.

“Okay Djehuty, so if parents shouldn’t do anything until a child reaches the age of making their own conscious choice or decisions, should parents not feed their children simply because the parents may feed the child the wrong foods in childhood (i.e. meat and dairy) only for the child to grow up and inform the parents of their choice to be a vegetarian and how he/she wished their parents would have brought them up on a vegetarian diet as a child?”

A proverbial smart ass may ask a question like this, but my point is predicated upon being practical and common sensible. Clearly a child must eat food, but having foreskin cut off a child’s penis is not mandatory and a child can still live with foreskin on his penis whereas without food a child can’t live. We have to be practical in this life if we are to make it and be successful in this life, especially if we reside in the Western world.

I am all for parents leaving circumcision up to their sons upon the son reaching 18 years of age. Hell, even age 12 or 13 would suffice because I’d bet you no boy from age 12 and up would voluntarily get circumcised. Just let any little boy watch a video of what a circumcision entails and watch what the reaction and/or answer would be. You could even make the age of consent for a boy to be circumcised to be age 5, 6, or 7 and the reaction and response would still be the same. Guaranteed! This is why adults get the circumcision (surgery) performed while the son is a newborn baby and helpless.

Most mothers can’t even bear to watch the procedure. And don’t you dare believe this procedure is painless. That’s bullshit! Doctors are cutting away at very sensitive flesh with numerous nerve endings. How are you going to be dealing with nerves and not feel anything? Absolutely absurd!

The process of circumcision is so painful that they strap these little baby’s hands down so they can’t move when the foreskin is being brutally and savagely cut. It’s a very brutal process. The poor little boy babies scream and cry at the top of their little lungs, just as a grown man would do if someone were cutting his testicles or penis with a sharp object (knife or lancet) and without anesthetics.

And what are little boy babies undergoing this painful process for? Answer: Social customs! Meaningless social customs!

“Well, Djehuty, what about hygiene purposes?” Well, what about them? You’re going to savagely cut the male foreskin for hygienic purposes? So God didn’t take hygiene into consideration when creating the male, huh?

Little baby girls are born in tact with everything right and exact but when it comes to little boy babies God dropped the ball? Is this the statement being made? If we don’t have to cut the clitorises of little girl babies why do we have to cut the penises of little boy babies?

Pertaining to circumcision for purposes of hygiene, rap group Public Enemy said it best: Don’t believe the hype! To clean the foreskin of an uncircumcised male all one has to do is pull back the foreskin and clean with water and a little hydrogen peroxide or with water and a few drops of essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree (2-3 drops of each oil in a bowl of warm water). It’s that simple!

“But Djehuty, circumcision is ordained and prescribed in the Bible!” True, but for who? Personally, I’m not a Hebrew nor a Nazarene! Nor am I living in those times (ancient times). I’m in the 21st century! I’m in the present!

“But the ancient Egyptians (Kemetics) performed circumcisions and the hieroglyphics bear witness to it!” Very true indeed! But I’ve yet to see a hieroglyphic with a grown Egyptian man cutting the foreskin of a little Egyptian baby. What you see in the hieroglyphics are two grown men: one man being cut on and the other man doing the cutting. Clearly there was an understanding between the two men. I have no problems with grown men being circumcised. The problem I have with the procedure is when it’s done to little innocent and helpless babies because the two parents or single parent is simply ignorant and unconscious and just follows the order of the day without question.

The United States is a Judeo-Christian society and if your parents have a semblance of Judeo-Christian belief in them chances are a male child will not only be born in a place where originally only sick people went or visited (i.e. hospital), but also will be savagely and brutally cut on (circumcised).

Circumcision is very harmful to the baby. The pain is recorded into the cells of the baby, especially the penis. If the butcher, oops, I mean the surgeon, is not careful he/she can damage the nerves of the penis to the point that the penis will curve (to the right or left).

A sad fact to note is that doctors remove so much foreskin during the surgical procedure of circumcision that males who are circumcised lose about the size (length) of a dollar bill in sensitive nerves. That’s serious nerves lost that undoubtedly will affect the future sexual experiences of the circumcised male. It is reported that uncircumcised males receive more pleasure from the sex act than circumcised males and it is plainly due to the fact that uncircumcised males have all of their nerves in tact on their penis.

Plus, in the sex act their penis slides in and out of the shaft of the foreskin creating immense physical sexual pleasure. Uncircumcised males don’t have to stroke as much as circumcised males do for physical vaginal-induced pleasure. Circumcised males require much stroking of the vagina for physical sexual pleasure.

On the other hand, circumcised males are almost 100% dependent on the female’s vagina to receive sexual pleasure.

On the scale of physical sexual pleasure, circumcised males receive a three compared to uncircumcised males receiving a ten so clearly sex is more pleasurable for uncircumcised males due to having sensitive nerves in the foreskin of the penis still in tact.

Also, the part of the foreskin doctors cut away secretes a subtle butter that is the male equivalent of the female nectar released from the vagina that when consumed by males from performing cunnilingus opens up or stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands and causes a male to be more intuitive and in tune with his higher chakra faculties as well as his dormant Yin side.

This subtle butter released from the foreskin of the uncircumcised male penis is the male version of the vaginal nectar that is consumed when a female performs fellatio. The butter when consumed helps a female to become more in tune with her intuition but also to become more in tune with her Yang essence as well as her higher chakra faculties.

Unfortunately, the circumcised male lost his ability to secrete his subtle butter-like secretion when he lost his foreskin due to a surgical operation that benefits hospitals and doctors more so than the circumcised ‘victim.’

At the end of the day, circumcision, like caesarean section, boils down to personal choice and personal choice is the result of belief and because most people in the U.S. have Judeo-Christian beliefs and a corresponding value system, most people are going to opt for circumcision (surgery) of their male baby.

Me personally, I don’t do anything or make any choices that will pertain to my children’s bodies while they are not of the age of consent which to me is the age of conscious decision making. My eldest was age six when she first got her ears pierced because she wanted her ears pierced. I truly believe my ex had something to do with the decision but because my daughter really wanted them pierced, when my daughter came to me for my approval, I said “yes, but just take responsibility for any consequences of the procedure.”

I have three sons: Asim (age 6), Ajani (age 2), and Anand (2 months) and none of my boys are circumcised. If they desire to be circumcised in the future, it’s a choice they can make for themselves. I don’t make decisions concerning their bodies pertaining to things that are uncorrectable, i.e. circumcision, ear piercing, tattoos, etc.

What they eat and put on their body as far as personal care and hygiene products go is a different story. These are decisions that I know is best for them because Nature is my yardstick, my criterion, my foundation, etc. in using natural products and if they choose to go a different route later on in life, nothing permanent was done to prevent them from doing such. They could easily switch from vegan vegetarian foods to meat-based ones and from natural health and hygiene products to unhealthy ones. Once they get past the psychological road blocks of past thoughts, beliefs, and actions, they’re home free. I can’t say this pertaining to circumcision.

I am glad I waited to have my first child at the age 29 and when I was free from and through with religion. Had my first child been a boy he would have been circumcised due to the lingering of cultural and social belief still lingering in my consciousness, but because the first child of mine was a girl I had time to study and prepare for a boy and I did and a year later of my daughter’s birth I got deep into the study of circumcision and by 2002 when my son was born circumcision was a remnant of a once deeply held belief due to past programming.

I am happy for all three of my sons and the fact that they will greatly and truly enjoy sexual intercourse when they mature and learn all I have to teach them about occult, Tantric, and Taoist sex principles. I am happy for them already.

Even though my parents, in a state of unconsciousness and ignorance, had me circumcised as a baby which damaged a few nerves down below, I forgive them, for after all, I chose them as parents and for the lessons they would help give me and for the lessons I would learn through them in this present life incarnation.

In closing, I reiterate: circumcision is surgery and thus big business. The surgical process and procedure of circumcision brings in major profits for hospitals and doctors at the expense (and harm) of innocent male babies.

Circumcision is not mandatory and is totally optional. You have options pertaining to your male baby’s penis. The baby boy came perfect from the Other Side (or God) and is not lacking in any way, shape, or form.

In my opinion, circumcision is not the way to go. Circumcision is the male equivalent of clitorectomy (surgical removal of the clitoris) and to me both procedures are savage, brutal, and barbaric in this day in age and especially in our world and society. For me personally, it is good to know that it is statistically reported that 80% of the males around the world are not circumcised. Apparently, Nature rules and prevails here! Thank goodness for this!

Thank you for reading!

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