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Constantly Seeing Master Numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55

Posted by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra on Feb 3rd 2018

As there are no accidents or coincidences in the Universe, you are constantly and randomly seeing Master numbers on purpose, if you are in fact seeing them. It’s synchronistic!

You are seeing the particular number you’re constantly seeing for a reason. A higher spiritual and cosmic message is being conveyed to you, but are you listening? Can you comprehend the message?

Master numbers figure heavily in the science of numerology, which is the esoteric study of numbers and how they reveal where you as a soul have been and where you are going. It is a way to segment life in an orderly fashion to facilitate your life here on Earth in this present incarnation.

Numbers in and of themselves cannot make anything happen in your life outside of your conscious control (or even unconscious control). All things in the material and mundane world resonate at a specific level and numbers and letters are representations of the vibrational patterns.

Numbers are a convenience of language and are abstract qualities which only refer to real things; they are not the things themselves - only symbols. The most numerology can do for you is describe points within a cycle and offer a method of interpreting and utilizing these points for your benefit in life in all 12 departments of life.

In Numerology, Master numbers offer more opportunity for expression, especially higher expression, than the other numbers and also demand more from the individual. These numbers are a sign that the individual carries more social responsibility. If you are in fact a Master number (as shown in your numerology chart) or even seeing Master numbers in the routine of your daily life activity, you are likely a Master but perhaps have not yet realized this potential due to struggling in the Matrix and being preoccupied with frivolous and superficial matters and pursuits.

“The number 11 has the will and determination of the two 1’s supporting the digit 2. Therefore it is much stronger than the 20 which has only the 2 value. The number 1 gives the gentle 2 courage, strength, and purpose. The word “Spirit” (figured) digits to a 1. The word “Light” digits to a 2. It is through the 2 that the healing and deep sensitive feeling is given the forceful 1’s, causing the number 11 to be called a “spiritual messenger.” This combination gives outstanding qualities – the inner power to influence the masses to bring Light to humanity. It is, however, often found in the names of political leaders, artists, and scientists as well as religionists. Discovering its ability to become a leader, very frequently it may allow personal ambition to enter in and a downfall results. Both Hitler and Mussolini had the 11 prominent in their names. Rightfully lived up to and expressed, the 11/2 (11 = 1+1 = 2) rules the masses, but spiritual living is demanded.” Juno Jordan

Personally, I started seeing the number 11 consistently back in 2005, a magical year for myself. No matter what I could or would be doing, I could look up at a clock on the cable box, my Zen clock, my computer screen, or on my cell phone and I would always see the number 11 in the time.

I constantly saw 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, 4:11, 5:11, 6:11, 7:11, 8:11, and 9:11 (I saw this time a lot), 10:11, 11:11, and 12:11. Whatever the time was, it was always the eleventh minute or it would be a minute or few seconds before the time became the 11th minute of the hour.

I would bring this phenomenon to the attention of my wife who was residing in Northern California at the time. We both noticed how we were seeing the number 11 consistently throughout the day.

I stopped seeing “11” in late 2006 and 2007, but in 2008 I began seeing “11” again and almost 5-7 times per day every single day; and for the past few months (2009), I can’t look up at a clock without it being the 11th minute of the hour. It is very constant and it has NEVER been this constant before.

And yes, I know that I am a spiritual messenger with a spiritual message to deliver to humanity, especially the masses (but not exclusively to the masses), which I’m doing via this website, so as to bring Light. I have known for many years that I am influential and persuasive but I always knew that my success in life depended on the spiritual – being spiritual and living spiritual. Constantly seeing the number “11” does not surprise me at all.

However, I did ask myself: “Why am I seeing this number so much?” I got the message the number conveys, so it clearly has to serve as a much needed reminder because in all due honesty I think about disappearing from the public scene a lot these days. I enjoy the articles work or writing, but the people aspect has become a bit too much, truthfully speaking. Constantly being in demand and having so much of my time, self, and energy being demanded left and right, is greatly challenging. In all due honesty, I’m really a recluse. I’m very sociable, but I’m still a recluse – a man who can be to himself and love it.

I’m best when I’m by myself. I’m happiest when I’m by myself! Everything is perfect when I’m by myself. I have this world mastered so I don’t have problems or get into trouble. I understand this world (of man) and because I do I personally want no parts of it, well, the legal, political, religious, and social part of it. It’s amazing how so many people participate in the schemes of this world that really doesn’t serve them or their best interests.

Now when I am with “other” people, I’m exposed to these things (problems and trouble) through these other people (because they are still connected to the Matrix in some respect or regard and have not learned to master the Matrix or their environment) and I’m usually on the scene having to assist them through the situation.

I can no longer answer any of my phones. They ring constantly throughout the day. I simply have to turn the ringers off! I’m just one man and so many times I feel as if the whole world is trying to get a hold of me. I truly understand Akhenaton (styled as Solomon in the Bible) when he said in Ecclesiastes 1:18: “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.”

It is not grief in the true sense of grief, but a form or kind of grief due to being wise (and ever growing in wisdom from personal experiences and observations of other people’s experiences) that you yourself have no problems whatsoever or have no problems that you can’t solve but others see and witness the results of wise being and living that they are constantly on the scene asking you for help and/or advice for the problems that they are faced with (and that they created but are blind to the cause of the effects of their own problems). They want your wise advice rather than becoming wise themselves. Not all people, but most people. This becomes draining!

Truth be told, most see becoming wise too laborious, or too serious, too strict, too disciplined, too inconveniencing, etc. It appears you don’t or can’t have fun being wise, smart, intelligent, principled, and righteous. But it’s just an illusion based upon perception.

And the part “…he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.” I experience this to mean that a sense of sorrow will overcome you due to having so much knowledge and knowing the truth of all matters that it is sad that people can’t see the roles they are playing in all that plagues them in life, how they play a role in government screwing over them. This sense of sorrow also comes from the demands that come from your possession of viable knowledge which people want to siphon from, despite most of them being good and well-intentioned people. Knowledge truly is wealth and knowledge applied is power!

Getting back on track with the subject matter, let’s now look at the Number 22, which is also a master number.

“The Number 22 is considered the “spiritual master” in form. You can readily understand how the Light of the spiritual 2, intensified by repetition, gives thought and feeling on the higher levels of consciousness. However, spiritual qualities of the 2 are held down to the physical and material level of the 4. This often results in strange inner conflicts for the 22: the 2 finds it difficult to bring its thoughts and desires down to the ordinary everyday activities, and to put into form and order its concepts and finer attributes. The 22 often needs the help and support of others and must learn to cooperate with circumstances – not pull against them. Often there is a dominant person in the environment to test the peacemaking qualities of the 2, causing the 22 much unhappiness and sorrow. The 22 finds its victory in helping others and in working with large undertakings or groups.” Juno Jordan

The Number 33 is a very powerful number. Jesus dies and resurrects at age 33 for a reason. While the entire story of Jesus is symbolical (unless you simply choose to believe it as actually occurring as a precept of your faith), there is great significance on a metaphysical level pertaining to this Jesus character and all that he experienced on the Earth plane.

Number 33 is the number of completion on one level and beginning on another level. It is also the number of initiation (which is why masons use it in their order, hence the 33rd degree mason). The Number 33 initiates us into higher realms of life, on the spiritual, celestial, or cosmic level. It takes us up from the mundane, hence the symbol of Jesus ascending into heaven. Clearly a physically dead or alive human being cannot ascend to the heavens in the flesh body. I don’t mean to offend Christians and I respect their free will to believe in something (physical ascension of a human flesh body) that defies natural law (Law of Gravity). A lot of what Christians (those who embrace the exoteric aspect of Christianity) believe in defies natural law as well as common sense but they have free will to believe in what they choose to, it’s just unfortunate that such a belief is counterproductive to existence and cannot be applied for the actual Christian who believes in such and who will never ascend in his or her flesh body nor will resurrect from the dead in their present flesh body.

It’s a shame that the Christians who do understand the Bible from a metaphysical and esoteric perspective are the ones who are masons and who are the leaders (reverends, bishops, pastors) of the flock – those Christians (the masses) who understand and take the Bible and stories of Jesus literally and therefore develop thoughts and beliefs that violate natural law and common sense which is why they catch so much hell in life.

But the few Christian leaders who did teach the Bible and Christianity from an esoteric perspective, i.e. Catherine Ponder, Joseph Murphy, et al truly benefited humanity far more than these Christian heads who kept the Gnostic knowledge of the Bible hidden and to themselves and taught the average follower on a mundane level and reaped a fortune ($) doing so.

You see Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Markus Bishop, et al have not made their average member/follower millionaires like them. The leader of any faith is not going to make you a leader because then his or her position as leader is threatened. They will not be able to shine, get all the attention, and make all that money.

Have you ever wondered why financially broke and struggling people will be seen on these televangelist shows walking down the aisle to donate $10, $20, $50, or $100 to men (reverends, bishops, preachers) who are millionaires and have more than they really need in life? It is because these religious leaders know how to successfully brainwash using the words of the Bible. They know how to preach the Bible in a way that serves two purposes: to satisfy the flock and keep themselves rich while leading the flock.

Why does a Christian leader need a private jet? Do the dumb followers/congregants get to ride in the luxury jet at least once a year? After all, their money (charity) helped to buy the luxury jet.

A poor person should not give charity (money) to a rich man, even if the rich man is called reverend, bishop, or pastor. The rich man needs to give charity to the poor person. God does not need money! If God needs a dollar then God is in worse shape than the poor person who doesn’t have a dime to his name. What does God need money for? No, those money-hungry reverends, pastors, and bishops need money and they raise that money using God’s name.

Now with all this new prosperity preaching in these new mega-churches (some of which are buying up former pro team stadiums and arenas), how many members of the congregation are becoming millions? None! But I’ll tell you what’s happening – the same ole thing: the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer and it’s for one reason that is twofold: the poor person has a good heart but is outright dumb, and the rich person appears to have a good heart and is straight smart, intelligent, and wise! Period!

After all, the only true wealth is intelligence (and wisdom, knowledge, understanding) and the only true poverty is ignorance.

Okay, I have spent enough time exposing the truth of modern day church situations with many (not all) churches and church leaders.

So, the Number 33 is a very powerful number and it denotes spiritual, celestial, and cosmic ascension (into consciousness). If you are constantly seeing this number, now you have an idea of what’s being conveyed to you. All that you have been experiencing and may be currently experiencing is a sign that you’re going through certain things (experiences, situations) because it’s time for you to ascend. Remember, Jesus first descended into hell (Hades) before ascending into heaven. There is wisdom is this account!

In closing, if you are constantly seeing a certain number throughout the day, it means something, something of a higher and spiritual nature and just for you! Yeah, for your eyes only (though thousands of other people too are seeing numbers for their eyes only)! The Universe is communicating with you, or certain higher beings are communicating with you, or if this is too scary for you to digest, then simply put – God is conveying a message to you and you need to take heed.

Every number from zero to nine means something. Find out what the numbers you are seeing constantly mean. There are no accidents in the world, just synchronicity.

“Numbers represent one of the simplest and easiest cycles that you will learn about. They are symbols for a cycle that is recurring and can be seen as stages in an evolutionary process. Learn the numbers and remember them as markers in the complete cycle. See them as growing out of the preceding number and developing into the next number.” David Pond

0 = Universe, Conception, Ethereal

1 = Beginning, Initiation, Leadership

2 = Opposition, Reflection, Duality, Balance

3 = Expansion, Growth, Advancement, Enthusiasm

4 = Structure, Foundation, Form, Realization

5 = Uncertainty, Realignment, Flux, Change

6 = Harmony, Balance, Appreciation, Indulgence

7 = Divinity, Spiritual Wholeness or Completion, Intuition, Inner Awareness, Rebellion

8 = Power, Organization, Enterprise, Control, Completion, End of Woes, Infinity

9 = Wisdom, Understanding, Transition, Service, Completion, Birth, End of a Cycle

When you are constantly seeing the same number(s), God/Universe is trying to tell you something! Are you listening?

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Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and this website.

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