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Halal Meat vs. Super Market Meat

Posted by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra on Feb 4th 2019

As Salaam Alaikum (“peace be unto you” in the Arabic language) to the beautiful Muslim community, including the Nation of Islam (of which many of its members think I have an adversity against)!

I am not adverse against the Nation of Islam. I just desire for that organization to come clean and stop being proud and rigid in areas where they are clearly in the wrong pertaining to diet and preaching their dietary doctrine as infallible and as divine truth.

It is a fact that margarine is a very harmful substance to human health and the Nation of Islam (especially in Chicago, Illinois) are still, in 2009, using margarine to make their bean pies. You can’t say you love Black people and then turn around and sell them harmful food. You just can’t justify this!

Allah has instructed the Muslim to “eat of the good things…” and there are plenty of good things Muslims can use to make their bean pies, such as Earth Balance brand Natural Buttery Spread.

I love my Muslim brethren just as much as I love my Christian and Jewish brethren, but wrong is wrong and there is no immunity. All I’m saying is: religious belief is not a safeguard against, disease, poor health, and wellbeing, for many of the billions who are religious, and devoutly religious I might add, are simultaneously very sick.

Okay, now on to the “meat” of this article. No pun intended!

Is halal meat healthy? I would have to say emphatically “no!” You can’t pray over a sickly animal and expect the prayer to make things right, i.e. the sickness go away or to remove all the man-made chemical salts the meat contains.

Halal is a religious term that simply means: “religiously correct” and/or “prepared according to religious dietary law.”

Halal |həˈläl; həˈlal| adjective. Denoting or relating to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law: halal butchers.• religiously acceptable according to Muslim law : halal banking.

Halal is the Islamic version of the Jewish word “kosher” which also means religiously correct.

Kosher |ˈkō sh ər|adjective (of food, or premises in which food is sold, cooked, or eaten) satisfying the requirements of Jewish law : a kosher kitchen. • (of a person) observing Jewish food laws. • (of ritual objects) fit for use according to Jewish laws.

Also: Restrictions on the foods suitable for Jews are derived from rules in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Animals must be slaughtered and prepared in the prescribed way, in which the blood is drained from the body, while certain creatures, notably pigs and shellfish, are forbidden altogether. Meat and milk must not be cooked or consumed together, and separate utensils must be kept for each. Strict observance of these rules is today confined mainly to Orthodox Jews.

The restrictions described in Jewish Law or “halakha” are very similar to that of Islamic dietary law notwithstanding the whole meat and milk not being cooked and consumed together thing.

Honestly, I would recommend that the Muslim community stop relying on halal as some criterion to measure slaughtered animal flesh, especially here in the Western world. At the end of the day, innocent creatures of Allah are being slaughtered against their will so as to provide unnecessary food for man.

We must remember that Allah knows best and it was Allah who created us. Allah created us to be frugavores by nature and that’s why we have the square bi-cuspic teeth in our mouths, which is a sign of what we were intended to eat. Square teeth denote a fruitarian and/or plant-based diet, depending on the species. Some creatures are strictly herbivorous and do not consume any fruits. Human beings now have a few carnivore teeth that have developed so as to help humans better masticate their flesh. The human body has the capabilities to adapt even to pathology.

However, because man has a mind and free will, man can choose his diet regardless of what his biological-genetic makeup dictates. However, it would greatly benefit man to submit to his nature, for to do so, man would be submitting to his/her maker and as such, receive bounteous rewards in the form of good and sound health and optimal wellbeing on all levels of his/her existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Halal meat may denote that the animal was raised and killed compassionately (can we even use the word ‘compassionate’ when it comes to bloodshed?) but what about the preservatives that goes into the meat?

What good is halal meat when the meat contains carcinogens (i.e. sodium nitrates)?

Also, even if the meat is halal, it’s still going to contain parasites? It’s still going to break down into uric acid and induce the production of mucus in the body.

And more importantly, halal (Islamic dietary law) does not exempt one from the fact that Allah did not make the human body to consume animal flesh, for man lacks the necessary enzymes to digest animal flesh. Man does not naturally gravitate to raw meat. Man is not a carnivore by nature.

Too much has happened to the meats people eat today and it is unwise to attempt to use Scripture (be it Holy Qur’an or Holy Bible) to justify eating this crap called meat today.

Prophet Muhammad, Abraham, Lot, Ishmael and Isaac, Noah, Moses, et al didn’t have to worry about their meat (in their day) being injected with antibiotics, synthetic hormones, harmful and carcinogenic preservatives, etc. Their cows were not fed scooped up road kill like today’s cows are. Halal does not exempt from many of these things.

Halal meat only has the advantage over supermarket meat, i.e. Farmer John, Zacky Farms, Foster Farms, etc., in that the animals are treated with compassion before they are killed, but still, the animals are killed nonetheless and this doesn’t have to be, for man can survive without meat and today there are millions of people who subsist off a 100% animal and animal byproduct free diet.

Sorry Muslims, but the truth of the matter is, halal meat is just one degree above supermarket meat. Not that better!

I would humbly suggest that Muslims also strive for perfection pertaining to what they eat.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was 100% correct when he said: “No meat is best for us!” He was right in this respect.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and this website.

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