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The Dangers of Blood Thinners

Posted by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra on Dec 17th 2018

If you are currently on blood thinner medication, make sure you have life insurance for your family because blood thinners can prove fatal. These drugs are lethal! Especially ‘Coumadin’ (Warfarin)! You have to be somewhat suicidal or willing to die if you’re taking ‘Coumadin’. ‘Coumadin’ is perhaps the king of blood thinners outside of aspirin.

Blood thinners (i.e. aspirin, ‘Coumadin’, ‘Plavix’, etc.) are dangerous simply because they cause blood thinning of the blood, blood that has increased in thickness due to improper and insalubrious diet. In that thick blood is plaque-like debris, mucus, bad cholesterol, arterial plaque, yeast, and other things that do not belong in the blood.

In addition to this contaminated blood, the walls of the arteries (blood vessels) are clogged. Clogged with what? The same things in the blood, but especially arterial plaque!

The clogged arteries are what is mostly slowing down the blood flow and taxing the heart. The heart has to work harder to help the blood go through the obstructed arteries.

It is such folly to thin the blood while allowing the arteries to remain clogged. Common sense and reason would dictate that if you cleaned the arteries, blood flow would automatically improve. Clogged arteries create constriction of blood flow. Therefore, the root cause of the problem is the clogged arteries, but when you prescribe blood-thinning medication, you are ignoring the root cause of the problem. You are basically thinning the blood so that the thinned blood can travel through the constricted arteries.

But look at the danger of this foolish action. When you thin the blood, which is supposed to be thick by the way (a healthy thickness, that is), you limit or reduce the amount of necessary oxygen the body and especially the brain, needs. The same thing applies to minerals in the blood. The blood transports minerals and trace elements (including iron) and oxygen, both of which are necessary for optimal health and well-being and healing, but when you thin the blood via the use of harmful blood thinners, you are reducing oxygen flow and lack of oxygen in the brain results in stroke!

This is why you may have heard about people who were taking ‘Coumadin’ were suffering from strokes. Stroke is the natural result of thinning the blood excessively, thinning the blood of an already limited amount of blood due to the contents of the blood (plaque, mucus, bad cholesterol, etc.).

I had a dear friend whose mother was in the butcher shop (hospital) and they had her mother on ‘Coumdin’. I forget what this lady was dealing with back then, but anyway, she was hospitalized.

My friend decided to take her mom home to take care of her, but for some reason the doctors had succeeded in putting fear into her and recommending to her that her mother take ‘Coumadin’ along with some other medications while she was at home being cared for. I warned my friend about the dangers of ‘Coumadin’ and the other drugs the doctors had her on but the doctors had succeeded with their fear tactics.

About a week later I get a phone call from Ruby telling me: “Mom had a stroke and is back in the hospital!”

I wasn’t surprised at all. In good faith, I had warned Ruby about the dangers of ‘Coumadin’.

Ruby’s mom had returned home after about a week in the hospital. Ruby decided not to give her mother ‘Coumadin’ and the other drugs anymore and put her mom on herbs. Her mother started to do fine on the herbs. All was well!

But for some reason or another, Ruby stopped with the herbs and went back to the drugs, I guess being confused – having an herbalist on one end and doctors on the other, and she was afraid for her mother. She wanted to do the right thing by her mother, but you see, the fear restricted her common sense and reason. Fear can do that to you. Fear is used a lot in this Matrix to keep people confused. A lot of fear tactics are used in hospitals by doctors, in courtrooms by judges and prosecutors, and especially in churches by priests, reverends, bishops, and pastors.

Due to giving in to fear, which is a major illusion that works when you lack knowledge, Ruby put her mother back on the ‘Coumadin’ and within days her mother was back in the hospital from another stroke. But the trip thing is this: doctors failed to make the connection between the blood thinning medication and the strokes. And the real horror is the fact that while hospitalized, the doctors administered more blood-thinning medication (‘Coumadin’) to Ruby’s mother. When Ruby told me this, I straight up told her that her mother was in jeopardy of losing her life and very fast. Ruby tried to plead with the doctors about removing the administration of ‘Coumadin’ but doctors have the attitude that “doctor always knows best.”

Well, within three days Ruby’s mom died! Ruby had so much guilt because Ruby knew the truth of what killed her mom. Ruby had let fear dictate her actions and as a result or consequence, she lost her mother.

Blood thinners can and will cause strokes due to thinning the blood. Doctors foolishly thin the blood so as to help the blood travel through clogged arteries.

And then you hear all this negative talk about Gingko Biloba being a blood thinner and how it shouldn’t be used, especially if one is already on blood-thinning medication or taking aspirin (which also thins the blood in addition to eating up the blood).

Gingko biloba is a natural blood thinner but it will never thin the blood like a drug. Gingko has intelligence whereas blood-thinning medication like ‘Coumdain’ does not. Gingko will never cause a stroke. Never! Gingko’s blood-thinning activity is very mild and very safe. Gingko has not killed one single person or no person’s death has ever been attributed to Gingko Biloba. However, it is a fact that more than 25,000 people die yearly from aspirin use.

If you are not taking aspirin or blood-thinning medication, you have nothing to worry about with taking Gingko. But if you take Gingko in addition to taking aspirin and/or blood-thinning medication, then you’re in trouble because there’s too much blood thinning activity taking place in your body.

And the trip thing is, if a person is taking Gingko and/or aspirin and blood-thinning medication and a problem erupts, like a stroke, the herb (Gingko) will get the bad rap and not the true culprits: the pharmaceutical drugs!

What is A Blood Thinner?

A blood thinner is an anti-coagulant and is used to stop platelets, or heavy cells, present in blood plasma from forming clots (blood clots). They are most used in those who are at risk for heart attack, stroke, or aneurisms. Funny thing is, it is dangerous to thin the blood in cases or conditions that involve the heart, blood, and the brain. Blood thinners contribute to heart attack, stroke, aneurism, and seizure.

A blood thinner is usually composed of several different chemical formations, with the most common blood thinner, and most often used blood thinner being aspirin, taken in doses of 81mg per day, essentially one baby aspirin.

Aspirin has been recognized as a blood thinner for at least fifty years. Aspirin significantly reduces platelet counts. Often, doctors will prescribe a daily dose of aspirin as the only required cardiac medicine for a patient. This is particularly the case with those children who incarnated with congenital heart defects and who have undergone surgery. They are often given a palliative daily dose of aspirin.

Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Blood Thinners

If you feel you must use a blood-thinning agent, choose an herb (i.e. Gingko biloba) over a pharmaceutical drug such as ‘Coumadin.’

Aspirin should NEVER enter your body, well, if you’re health conscious!

The blood should be purified periodically. It should be cleansed, rebuilt, and nourished. Herbs that can help repair the blood include: Red Clover, Goldenseal Root, Burdock Rook, Yellow Dock Root, Sarsaparilla, Cerasee, Chickweed, Celedine, Devil’s Claw, Echinacea Root, Nettle, Alfalfa, Sassafras, Dandelion Root, Manjistha, and Cleavers to name a few.

As the blood is renewed every 3 months, consider performing my herbal Blood Cleanse every 3 months or every 6 months at a minimum.

The Full Body Detox (aka FBD Cleanse) will greatly cleanse and heal the blood of the body.

Other of my products that help maintain the health and well-being of the blood include Blood and Lymphatic Formula, Herbal Vitamin C (Real VC) Formula, Veins Formula, Circul-aid Formula, Cardiovascular Formula, and Brain Tuner, all available here at this website.

Thank you for reading!

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