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The Dangers of Hybrid, GMO, and Franken Foods

Dec 18th 2018

Today, in the United States, we are inundated with hybrid or hybridized foods, whether we are aware of this fact or not. Hybridized foods also fall under the category “products for convenience” in the Matrix.

“Overly hybridized plants are those that have been bred to alter their appearance, and often their shape and/or ability to survive shipping.” - John McCabe

Now ask yourself, Is the majority of what you’re eating being shipped (to a market)? If so, there’s a great chance the food or product contains hybridized ingredients.

This is the age we are living in, folks. Man has no problem violating the natural laws of God for purposes of convenience, control, and profits.

Have you ever seen a watermelon that is shaped more like a basketball rather than a traditional oblong shaped watermelon? Well, this kind of watermelon-like creation is a Franken-fruit. It’s not an actual watermelon. It’s watermelon-like! Real or actual watermelon has seeds in it, black seeds at that! It is oblong in shape, and not oval-shaped like a Spalding basketball. Believe it or not, you will even find this kind of watermelon-like product at so-called health food stores. I see them all the time at the local Whole Foods Market.

It’s so scary what the food engineers are doing to our food supply these days. They will tell us they are doing it to make life convenient for us but they refuse to tell us of all the adverse side effects of tampering with what we are eating.

Hybrid, as well as Franken, foods are dangerous and scary for so many reasons.

Hybrid foods are "missing vital electrics." This is important considering the fact that most of the soil in the U.S. is already minerally depleted, which means our produce is being grown in minerally depleted soil which means the produce itself is lacking vital mineral content. Compound this with the fact that most Americans eat junk food that is totally devoid of nutrition. So, you have a case of minerally devoid produce or crops, minerally devoid junk and fast food, and hybrid foods that are also minerally devoid. No wonder so many people suffer from lack of energy, proper brain or neurological functioning, and sexual reproductive disorders. Lack of energy! Minerals serve as little spark plugs in our bodies for purposes of energy.

David Wolfe says the following about hybrid foods:

"They are unnaturally high in sugar and off in the mineral ratios. Hybrid foods are devoid of proper mineral balance that all wild foods contain. So when we eat a lot of hybrid fruit, that leads to mineral deficiencies in our bodies. Not only are hybrid fruits and sweet, starchy vegetables unbalanced in minerals, it is eating too much of hybrid sweet fruit and sweet and starchy vegetables that causes the body to bring heavy minerals from the bones into the blood to buffer the hybrid sugar. This hybrid sugar is not completely recognized by the liver and pancreas. The minerals and sugar are spilled off into the urine. Hybrid sweet fruit and sweet starchy vegetables can over stimulate you and cause you to lose minerals."

The above should give you an idea of, and insight into, why so many of our fruits sold in local supermarkets, and even many health food stores, are hybridized – their SWEETNESS! We have been conditioned to love sugar, especially children and females. Apparently the fruits Nature gave us and continues to give to us are not sweet enough for the sugar junkies of the Western world. Therefore, man steps in and attempts to do what Nature does not do. Sweeter food, at the price or cost of less minerals? You’re going to give up nutrition for taste? This is something to seriously think about!

So, what are hybrid foods? Hybrid foods generally are foods that will not grow in Nature. They are foods that must be nurtured and protected by humans or they will be overcome by birds, insects, worms, fungi, and bacteria.

Some common hybrid fruits are grapefruit, Boysenberries, lemon, orange, pineapple, apple, nectarine, and cantaloupe to name a few.

Common hybrid vegetables include: beets, carrots, corn, and potatoes.

Common hybrid nuts and seeds include: cashews, oats, rice, and wheat. Brown, white, and "wild" rice are hybrids. Commercial "soft" wheat is a hybrid. Alfalfa sprouts and most commercially available legumes are hybrids. You may not like hearing this but it is true, unfortunately!

Hybrid foods are attacked by different forms of fungi and are much more susceptible to early decay. Hybrid foods can feed fungal conditions like candida whereas non-hybrid or wild fruit will not lead to such a condition.

Hybrid food, on average, cannot survive in the wild, just as hybridized people (city dwellers) cannot survive in the wild. And yes, we (people in the city, true city dwellers) are hybridized in the sense that we can’t make it by ourselves in the wild; we must be protected by government and nurtured by institutions and media outlets. We must be fed by supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and corner liquor stores. We too are hybridized but we are not sweeter (nicer).

Genetically Engineered Foods

The greatest man-induced threat to food after man’s hybridization process of food has to be genetic engineering. To cross genes of different species is frightening to say the least. Fish genes in tomatoes? Human genes mixed with cow genes? Plants mixed with bug genes? This is sheer insanity! This is science gone mad! Genetically engineered foods are more of threat than seedless and hybridized foods.

Folks, please beware of consuming genetically engineered foods.

John McCabe says the following about genetically engineered foods:

“Genetically engineered foods are far more detrimental than those that have been overly bred to be seedless. Genetically engineered foods are those that have their genes from another plant or animal installed into their gene structure. This includes creating plants that contain the genes of animals, fish, bacteria, bugs and other life forms. The companies involved in this are truly and dangerously screwing with the structure of life. Their products have been given the name “Frankenfoods.” Their experiments are no longer in their labs, but are growing on many farms around the world. Most cotton, corn, and soybeans in the U.S. are grown from genetically engineered seed stocks. These genetically engineered crops are also grown using mass quantities of toxic farming chemicals.” The Sun Food Living Diet, pg. 146

Many herbs (plants) are also genetically engineered, as well as are grafted. Some are also sprayed with harmful toxic chemicals allegedly to protect them.

Common hybrid herbs include: Peppermint, Queen Anne’s Lace, Peach Leaf, and Spearmint.

Many herbs are no longer natural and because there is a heavy demand for these particular herbs, these herbs are man engineered and harvested, herbs such as Echinacea, Goldenseal, Comfrey, and St. John’s Wort to name a few. Their original strains may have been natural, but today, many of them are unnaturally grown. This is what happens when demands become high for a thing.

Seaweeds like chlorella, spirulina, and blue green algae, as nutritious as they are, are harvested in man-made lakes and ponds and cannot be found in the wild. Harvested foods are far safer than genetically engineered and grafted foods.

We need to be aware of genetically engineered foods. Our state of optimal health and wellbeing depends on our awareness of these kinds of foods. Nothing we eat or could eat is safe or spared from possibly containing genetically engineered ingredients. Consider the following:

“Because large food companies often combine ingredients from many different sources, most food products that contain milk, such as butter, cake, candy, cheese, cookies, ice cream, and yogurt also contain milk treated with genetically engineered hormones. So, if you got milk, you also likely got genetically altered substances streaming through your body. Likewise, because GE corn products, canola oil, cotton seed oil, soy products, potato products, and wheat products, as well as GE papaya and GE squash, are becoming so widely used, most people living in the U.S. are likely to be eating GE foods, wearing GE cotton, using paper made from GE trees, and using body-care products containing ingredients derived from GE plants.” John McCabe (Sun Food Living: Resource Guide For Global Health, p. 147)

NOTE: “GE” = Genetically Engineered.

It is a given that eating GE foods causes defects (imbalances) within the human body. Because the molecules of hybrid and GE plants are altered, it stands to reason that the molecules of the human makeup also become altered and this altering manifests in human behavior, actions, and thoughts in the form of defective or faulty behavior, actions, and thoughts. After all, you are what you eat.

GE foods also help the business of addiction. Yes, addiction is a business and secures future profits. The greatest addiction on our planet is sugar addiction so it’s no wonder why hybridized fruits are real sweet, sweeter than what Nature intended.

It doesn’t just have to be sugar to cause an addiction. Anything hybridized can lead to addiction of the hybridized product:

“People become addicted to bread made from hybridized grains; corn chips made from hybridized corn; French fries and potato chips made from hybridized potatoes; and even such things as carrot juice made from hybridized carrots. These hybridized foods contain an addictive quantity of sugar and low levels of minerals.” Ibid, p. 148

I’ve been warning people for years that modern day tobacco used in cigarettes and other tobacco-based products contain GE tobacco. The modern-day tobacco strains are ten times more addictive than the tobacco used in former years.

The tobacco industry is an industry that heavily depends on addiction to its product to secure existence and future profits. In fact, do you remember when the various states sued the tobacco industry for hundreds of billions of dollars, $206 billion to be exact, back in the late 1990s, because the states were claiming that cigarette smoking was costing the states billions of dollars in medical costs? Well, who do you think paid for the monetary award (settlement) to the states? The tobacco industry? Heck no!

The states (government) and the cigarette industry scammed and fleeced the public, well, the segment of the public that is dumb enough to smoke cigarettes.

Sorry folks about the blunt language, but smoking (cigarettes) is a very dumb thing to do! It conveys absolutely no health benefits at all! None whatsoever! Smoking provides no nutrients, no oxygen (it actually deprives the body of oxygen), no protein, no nothing! It is not my intention to make anybody feel bad, however, smoking is just a dumb thing to do. It even looks stupid. Have you ever just stopped and looked at a human being who inhales smoke and then blows it out of their mouth and nostrils like a dragon? It doesn’t even look right to be blowing smoke out of the mouth or nose.

How did the government (state governments) and cigarette companies fleece the public, the smoking segment of the public? That was easy! You see, there was a reason why the states allowed the tobacco companies and industry to pay off the settlement over a span of25 years. The states and the tobacco industry both won and the smoking segment of the public, allegedly the victims of the nefarious tobacco industry, lost in this ordeal.

It was a scam from the start! It was a way for the states to collect more money (free taxes) under a cause that seemed to benefit the public on the surface and to make people think that government was truly protecting and looking out for the people, but this was all bullshit! The states needed and wanted money and got it, pimping the tobacco industry which in turn pimped the smoking segment of the public.

Consider the following:

“The tobacco companies agree to eliminate some marketing and promotion practices (billboard advertising, cartoons, etc.) and shut down their phony scientific agencies; and they agree to pay to the states over the next 25 years billions of dollars extracted from smokers by raising the price of cigarettes. The states, in turn, agree to quash their current suits against the industry and abstain from future ones, and promise to pass laws protecting the tobacco companies from new entrants to the market who are free of the obligation to pay the states. It appears that the companies are surrendering vast wealth. But they give up very little. The deal is the exact equivalent of authorizing the companies to levy a tax on smokers and pass the proceeds on to the states. The character of these payments is revealed not only by the protection against price competition but by a provision that, if within the next four years Congress increases the federal tax on cigarettes and shares the proceeds with the states, the companies will enjoy a dollar-for-dollar setoff against the payments to the states. With the threat of liability dispelled and a nifty poison pill to discourage new federal taxation put in place, share prices of tobacco stocks will, as they already have, increase. Tobacco executives and pensioners will benefit according to their deserts. The states get a budgetary windfall. Attorneys general and the private lawyers they have retained get bragging rights, and the latter will share something on the order of $10 billion for their services. Of the core group that represent numerous states, several may move up to the billionaire tier. The at least equally prodigious lawyers on the companies’ side of the deal will continue to be handsomely rewarded. If there were a Nobel (or Ig-Nobel) Prize for Lawyering, the industry counsel would surely be contenders. So everyone comes out ahead, except the smokers, who are slated to pay for it all. Well, since they are going to die anyway, why not? Since smoking has declined among the educated and affluent, smokers are disproportionately poor. With this deal, the attorneys general move tobacco into the growing series of areas in which the states “farm” the poor. As in state lotteries and trafficking in interstate shipment of prison inmates, government embraces a kind of reverse noblesse oblige in which the comforts of the majority are subsidized by the poorest and most disadvantaged.” Galanter, Marc. “Big Tobacco: Winning and Losing,” American Lawyer, (January/February 1999), 55.

First of all, the states (via state legislators) were eager to exploit the tobacco industry’s villainous reputation and were using the U.S. Congress to help them do so by attempting to get the tobacco industry under federal regulation, but of course that ploy failed in 1997 setting up the debacle of November 1998 with the $206 settlement agreed upon by the states and the tobacco industry.

Secondly, the tobacco industry had nothing to lose as long as they were given 25 years to pay off their $206 billion settlement which would be raised by a price increase over a 25-year period which means the mostly poor and dumb smokers of America would be the ones footing the bill of the $206 billion. This is big pimpin’ at its best!

And how stupid it is to smoke in order to lose weight! People gain weight due to overeating, so don’t overeat and then smoke cancer sticks (cigarettes) to undo the unhealthy and unnatural weight gain. Intelligently stop overeating and wisely deal with the root emotional cause(s) of your overeating, usually a sign that there is some spiritual void trying to be plugged up via some unnatural action as well as some emotional imbalance that needs to be corrected.

Cigarette smoking pollutes the human body as well as the environment. And shame on the U.S. government that greatly believes in public safety, even citing public safety to rob us of our most basic and fundamental rights once protected by the U.S. Constitution, as cigarettes are responsible for secondhand smoke that harms and injures innocent people, people smart enough to make the wise decision not to smoke. Cigarettes via secondhand smoke threatens public safety which is why smoking in all public places should be banned.

Smokers should be allowed to smoke in public smoke boxes provided by government that allows smokers (a/k/a/ dragons) to smoke in non-ventilated boxes (like the old telephone booths). The boxes should be non-ventilated so the smokers can get their money’s worth and inhale every molecule of smoke they blow out via their damaged nostrils and mouth. No smoke should be allowed to escape from the public smoke box. The smoker should inhale every iota of smoke they blow out of their damaged nostrils and exhale from their mouth. This ensures that the stinking smoke from cigarettes never find its way into the air we breathe, which is already exposed to chemical toxins from car exhausts. However, we are far more dependent on cars in our society compared to cigarettes. We are not dependent on cigarettes and we don’t need cigarettes; but we do need cars to get around in our modern society.

Cigarette smoke is some very dangerous stuff, containing over 1,400 toxins. This stuff greatly damages and lowers the human aura as well.

And the stench it puts into people’s bodies. People who smoke smell horrible. Their skin emits a very toxic smelling fume.

And the poor human tongue! Have you ever tongue kissed a smoker? One time I tongued kissed this young lady I was seeing in my days of unconsciousness and man, I tell you, I could have sworn I licked an ashtray because that’s what her tongue tasted and smelled like. The cigarette stench was all in her tongue and boy did this turn me off. It killed my lust instantly. The impact of this action was even more powerful than my lust for this female.

So not only is tobacco harmful, the tobacco being produced nowadays, that is (as the tobacco used by the Native Americans was noble), but tobacco too is GE and thus more addictive than ever.

Hardly anything is safe nowadays from being genetically engineered.

“Picture a world where the French fries you eat are registered as a pesticide. Where corn plants kill monarch butterflies. Where soy plants thrive on doses of herbicide that would kill a normal plant. Where multinational corporations own the seeds that farmers grow and legally control the farmer’s action. That world exists. These events are happening now, and they are happening to us all. Genetically engineered foods – from plants whose genetic structures are altered by scientists in ways that could never occur in Nature – are already present in most of the products you buy in supermarkets. They are unlabeled, unwanted, and largely untested.” Teitel, Martin and Kimberly A. Wilson. “Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature.” Vermont: Park Street Press (1999) [back page cover]

I can’t forget about the importance of ownership in this whole scenario. Corporations (biotech firms) like to have exclusive ownership over their creations for purposes of control. Corporations cannot own Nature, despite trying to, therefore no one can receive a patent on that which Nature produces. This is why pharmaceutical corporations despise herbs and the herbal industry because herbs cannot be patented, but anything genetically engineered can. If a thing is GE, Nature can’t claim it and thus man (corporation) can! Do you understand how this thing goes now?

This is why herbs will constantly come under attack from the pharmaceutical industry via government (i.e. expanding Codex Alimentarius). Herbs remove the need for all chemical drugs. There is an herb for every single drug that exists on the market. Think about it, drugs started out from herbs initially, but to get complete ownership of a product, the herbal ingredient had to be removed from the product and so this is why drugs no longer contain organic herbal ingredients (alkaloids) as they once and initially did.

Herbs can do the same things as drugs but without any of the adverse side effects of drugs. Also, there are no herbs on the market or available to people that are lethal or fatal.

Herbs are also biblically ordained (see Psalm 104:14, Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2) whereas pharmaceutical drugs are not. So I ask the Christian community all the time to justify their use of and dependence on harmful man-made drugs. The Christian is told in the Bible that God causes the herbs to grow for the service of man. The Christian is told that the leaf of trees shall be for medicine and for the healing of the nations. Nowhere in the Scriptures do we find mention of man-made pharmaceutical drugs, prescription or OTC (over-the-counter), as being for medicine or the healing of the nations.

And to just think, a few so-called God-fearing Christians have the nerve to ask me are my herbal compounds FDA approved.

Christians need to ask the FDA “is the FDA approved by God?” But we all know the answer to that question because the FDA is anti herbs, which God has ordained and prescribed for healing in the Bible; and this same FDA is pro harmful man-made drugs. This is why I labor laboriously day in and out against the greatest disease of all – ignorance, via writing articles and posting them on my site for free. True and long-lasting healing begins with awareness and knowledge!

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is using and teaching about what God has ordained in the Bible, so how can Christians give myself a hard time over being approved by an agency that does not promote or teach about what God has ordained for humanity? Such hypocrisy, and/or, such ignorance!

The same FDA that approves pharmaceutical drugs (which incidentally is responsible for nearly a million deaths per year) has approved the use of GE foods.

Okay, now let’s focus on soy foods and products. Health conscious individuals who are vegan and vegetarian need to be very conscious about consuming soy products. The health-conscious movement in the U.S. is a threat all in itself because it promotes consciousness via health. Basically, it promotes becoming healthy by ways and means of diet and lifestyle, which inevitably leads to becoming conscious. There are people in high places with vested interests in us who don’t want us conscious or to become conscious.

The Rulers of this Matrix have us eating GE foods and slaughtered animals for a reason – to keep us on a low vibration. People who operate on a low frequency or vibration are very easy to control. They manifest the lower beast or bestial nature of man.

There is no other food (or crop) that is more genetically engineered than soy, well, perhaps with the exception of corn. Soy and corn are the two most genetically engineered crops on the planet.

Now, everywhere you go (at least in a major city) you can find soy products. Soy has taken the place of meat amongst most vegans and vegetarians.

Soy is not a very safe food or product to consume, but it is far better to consume than animal flesh and animal byproducts and I will proclaim this any day.

The less soy one consumes, the better. However, the only soy that should be consumed today is one that has a label on the product with the word “non-GMO” written on it. This means the product contains no genetically modified food organism, at least to the knowledge of the manufacturer. So, the product may contain non-GMO soy, but it may contain ingredients that are GE simply because these ingredients were ordered from some other company who may have used GE ingredients.

This is why food-labeling laws for notice of GMO ingredients are necessary and very important. I feel all companies should take responsibility and inform customers and consumers of what they are eating. If GE and GMO foods are so safe as is claimed by GE and GMO proponents, why not give the people notice of these kinds of foods and/or food ingredients in certain products? Biotech food companies know full well that people are waking up and becoming health conscious and will shun products that list “contains GMO ingredients” on the label.

A lot of crops are being genetically engineered to contain pesticides, but whether the pesticide is sprayed on the crop or genetically engineered into the crop, it will eventually end up in the bloodstream. Consider the following:

“In 2003, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) looked at pesticides in the blood of ordinary citizens. Of the thirty-four pesticides tested, the average person had thirteen in his/her bloodstream, and blood levels of chlorpyrifos (an organophosphate pesticide banned for residential use in 2001 because of its negative effects) were found to be twice as high in children as in adults. The CDC report showed that children and women of child-bearing age carried the heaviest pesticide burdens – which is alarming, because pesticide exposure in the womb and during the first three years of postnatal life has been found to lower birth weight, increase the incidence of birth defects, and hinder normal neurological development and reproduction.” Lipski, Elizabeth. “Digestive Wellness For Children.” California: Basic Health Publications, Inc. (2006), p. 22

Heirloom Open Pollinated Plant vs. Hybrid Plants

The difference between an heirloom open pollinated plant and a hybrid plant is that an open pollinated plant has one parent and a hybrid plant has two parents.

Hybrid seeds are seeds that result from the cross-pollination of two inbred pollination plants.

Many would be health conscious individuals who decide to grow their own crops in their very own garden by purchasing seeds may not know that many seeds sold in packets, sold from nurseries and even sold from mail order are F1 hybrids.

Most seeds are foreigners to Nature and are the result of man gone mad.

You can always tell a hybrid fruit or vegetable because they are usually very large. The tomatoes you see nowadays are much larger than what you saw back in the 1970s. Tomatoes in supermarkets are much larger than the tomatoes you will find in your natural garden and that’s because they are hybrids.

Not only are supermarket tomatoes larger than before, but so are cucumbers.

Have you ever wondered how certain fruits are grown despite lacking seeds within in? If the fruit doesn’t have seeds within it, how does the fruit propagate itself?

Nobody should abstain from seedless fruit more than Christian and Jews. Why? Because the book they rely upon (Bible) clearly tells them in Genesis (1:29) that their fruit should contain seeds within them.

This means to eat seedless fruit is to disobey their God. Being technical, Christians and Jews are disobeying their God when they eat seedless watermelon, seedless oranges, seedless grapes, and seedless bananas.

It is very true that our foods should be electrical, but too much is going on beyond our control pertaining to the food supply so I personally don’t tell people to rely upon food primarily for “electrical-ness.” The best ways to electricalize the body today is proper sun-gazing and working with crystals.

The greatest source of energy for us comes from the sun. Solar energy is our true food. The earliest humans existed off of solar energy exclusively. They didn’t eat anything. Because we have degenerated as a species, we now require additional sources of energy, such as food (plants and fruits). However, we still require solar energy today and due to the defect in the human species’ body, we now are dependent upon obtaining solar energy from a secondhand source, which just happens to be green plants. Green plants are green because of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is liquid sunlight or solar energy stored in plants. This is why when we eat mostly raw foods (that are organic and pure) we are energized. We are being energized via the secondhand source of solar energy.

From plants, we receive two sources of energy: energy from minerals and energy from sunlight (chlorophyll). This is why we can’t lose when we eat a high concentration of green vegetables, especially green cruciferous vegetables.

Now getting technical, we must understand that food did not create us so food cannot sustain us. Food only sustains us due to our collective belief in that food sustains us. But solar energy did in fact start life; therefore, solar energy is required to sustain us.

Please marinate on the following words from professor Hilton Hotema that substantiates the assertion that all life is solar-based rather than food-based. Below, Hotema explains what actually happens at the time of conception of new life:

“When the sperm nucleus contacts the egg nucleus and their contents combine, a strange event occurs. Everything vanishes from sight at the spot where they meet, leaving only a clear field. Then, after a few moments of quiescence, fine granulation begins to appear at that point where the gametes disappeared from sight. The gametes act in conformity with the energy animating the male and female organisms. But when the granulation begins to appear as stated, the work of that granulation is strangely different and distinct from that performed up to the moment. A new independent energy appears at this time, and it comes not from the mother. The New Cell that mysteriously formed at the spot where the gametes vanished from sight was the seed of the New Person. That seed-cell was independent of the mother, and no longer subject to her vital force. The New Energy was the independent vital force of the New Person, and it came from the same source as that of the mother’s. This is the point where we first encounter the Spiritual man. That Spiritual Man appears as a tiny ring of colorless Fire, from which there emanate rays of rays of scintillating force. These rays materialize and build your body. The New Cell that is the beginning of the Magic Temple is a bipolar mechanism, the nucleus being the positive element and the cytoplasm the negative. The New Energy is electrical, generated by the Sun, and energizes the New Cell as soon as it is formed. In fact it is the energy that forms the New Cell. And this is the energy that energizes your body all thru life, and medical science says that the energy comes from food. And where and what are you? You are the tiny ring of colorless fire mentioned above. You are the Spiritual Man. The world calls you Soul. Soul comes from Sol, and Sol comes from Sun, and Sun Worship was the first worship of mankind.” Prof. Hilton Hotema (The Magical Temple, pgs. 7-8).

So again, we are only eating and are dependent upon eating food only as a result of our state of degeneration:

“When man began the unnatural practice of eating and drinking, he introduced into his body foreign matter that had no place there. This forced the body into a defensive state, causing it to battle against the foreign matter and to develop internal adjustments to meet the destructive condition. That was the beginning of physical degeneration which reduced the life-span from 1,000 years to what it is today.” Ibid, p. 8

Natural gardener WYMZIE gives helpful insight into hybridization with the following:

“New varieties of plants are created by a plant breeder, when they have uniform genetically stable inbred plants, they can consider creating new hybrids. To do so, pollen is moved usually by hand from the anthers of one inbred plant (male) to the stigmas of the second inbred plant (female). The seed will grow and as a result of this pollination is the ‘hybrid seed’. They are often preferred over open pollinators for a number of reasons. The parents were chosen for their strengths and to compensate for each other’s weaknesses, hopefully creating a new variety that is better than the best qualities of its parents.”

Hybrids tend to be vigorous growers, uniformity of shape and earlier more sustained flowering, larger flowers or vegetables, or larger fruits.

Heirloom or Open Pollinated (OP) plants are simply varieties that are capable of producing seeds that will produce seedlings just like the parent plant. Not all plants do this.

Plant breeders cross breed compatible types of plants in an effort to create a plant with the best features of both parents. These are called hybrids and many of our modern plants are the results of these crosses.

While plants can cross-pollinate in nature and hybrids repeatedly selected and grown may eventually stabilize, many hybrid seeds are relatively new crosses and seed from these hybrids will not produce plants with identical qualities.

For example, each year new hybrid tomato varieties are offered. You may see them labeled as hybrids or F1, first filial generation (first-generation hybrid), or F2. These may eventually stabilize, but for the moment a tomato like the popular 'Early Girl' does not produce seeds that reliably have the features you expect in an ‘Early Girl’ tomato. Seed from hybridized plants tends to revert to the qualities of the parents, so tomatoes grown from seeds saved from your 'Early Girl' tomatoes might still be tasty, but not so early.

Anyone can select and eventually stabilize their own seed or even hybridize new plants, but plant and seed companies have recently begun patenting their crosses so that only have the right to reproduce the hybrids they’ve developed. Monsanto is at the forefront in this capacity.

Hybrids should not be confused with Genetically Modified Organisms or (GMOs) which can be any plant, animal or microorganism that has been genetically altered using molecular genetics techniques such as gene cloning and protein engineering. Plants like corn that has the pesticide Bt engineered into its genetic makeup to make it resistant to certain pests are GMO crops. Bt is a natural pesticide, but it would never naturally find its way into corn seed.”

If you’re thinking about starting your own organic garden, make sure you get informed about the seeds you will use to start and maintain your garden.

We have been inundated with hybrid seeds and food here in the Matrix.

Many hybrid as well as GMO foods are ending up in so-called Third World nations under the guise of fighting poverty.

Hybrid foods are everywhere so if you eat you’ve got to be eating some hybrids. If you want to make eating hybrids work for you, David Wolfe recommends that you eat small amounts of the fruits and vegetables. Mix bananas with fat (avocados, nuts, olives) and it will lessen the hybrid effect on the system. If you eat more green-leafed vegetables and avocados, nuts, or olives with hybrid sweet fruits or vegetables it will decrease their effect on the blood sugar and increase the utility of elements in the food. Hybrid grains, and legumes should be soaked and sprouted, and absolutely never cooked. As long as they are raw, the body can draw nutrients from them and can deal with them.

How to Detect If Your Food Contains GE or Hybrid Food Ingredients

The best and simplest way to detect or determine if what you’re eating or about to eat contains GE and/or hybrid food ingredients is to use divination, a pendulum specifically. Learn to become proficient in pendulum use. Now for the ignorant people out there who believe divination is ungodly, they will just have to suffer as a consequence of their religious-predicated ignorance and eat GE and GMO foods, at least until government decides to step in and force companies to list the GE and/or GMO nature of their ingredients, which may never happen.

Divination derives from the word “divine” and means “the act or process of using divine energy.” There is absolutely nothing wicked or diabolical about using organic energy, no more than it is wicked or diabolical to use energy from an AC outlet, a generator, or solar panels.

Divination is the best way to detect anything you need to know about, not just GE and hybrid foods, but even if the food is compatible with your energy, male or female (if a vegetable), void of nutrition, etc.

At any rate, folks, please beware of hybrid foods and GE foods!

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and this website.

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