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* We are experiencing a high volume of orders. Our products are in very high demand and all from word of mouth advertising. We do not want to raise prices in order to slow sales down. PLEASE BEAR WITH US. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding in this matter.

* We are experiencing an excessively high volume of customer service emails, daily. We are receiving an extraordinary amount of health inquiries from non-customers (prospective customers) in addition to inquiries from our regular customers. Our customer service reps are doing the best they can with the amount of knowledge they possess. Our reps are not herbalists or health researchers. Requests for our herbalist (Djehuty Maatra) to respond to inquiries are forwarded to him and may take several days before he gets to the email. He performs consultations daily and his time is very limited.

* To ensure correct application of international postage rates, international orders must be made by email only. Send your order to us (use "Contact Us" or the email infra) along with your mailing address and we'll send you an invoice to make payment for the order.

* If you experience difficulty ordering online, simply send your order to us via email at:, and we'll send you an invoice to make payment for your order.

* Please bear with us as the herbalist make modifications to some of the formulas and other products, adding to formulas (and not taking away from formulas) in order to increase potency and maximize efficacy. This may result in changes to weight, color, smell, density, and/or taste of formulas that you may be used to. All changes will be reflected in the ingredient list of the affected formula. We have added many hard-to-get, foreign, and exotic herbs to our apothecary. The foregoing will not cause a change (increase) in the pricing of any formulas or products. Thank you for your patronage, support, word of mouth marketing, and interest in Djehuty Maatra Herbs, the only place in the world you can purchase the products of and made by Djehuty Maatra. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.