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Butt Firming Cream (4 oz)

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Butt Firming Cream (4 oz)

No Steroids! No Adverse Side Effects! Grow Your Glutes Naturally & Safely! 

 A signature cream containing awesome, all-natural (plant-based) ingredients for naturally, safely, and effectively enlarging, toning, and firming the gluts as well as counter adverse conditions of the gluts. 

Our Butt Firming Cream contains Akpi Seed from Africa which is the best natural plant for enlarging and firming the buttocks.

In addition to Akpi Seed, the cream contains Aguaje fruit which is known to enhance the curves of a woman's body, including the roundness of the butt. 

Aguaje, a Central and South American herb is known as the "Curvy fruit" and has a high content of estrogens (natural hormones) vitamins and minerals that supports your feminine beauty, gives you a bigger butt and major curves.

Just apply the cream twice daily, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Nature got you covered! Enlarge your butt (and hips) without needing surgery.

Quality of ingredients is guaranteed.

Vegan product!

Directions: Apply a moderate amount of cream to skin (buttocks) and massage/rub into skin. Use twice daily or as needed. For external use only.

NOTE: Our product will model your booty in 1-3 months, naturally! You will see the best results combined with exercise.

Ingredients: Vegan cream base, Akpi (Nakambe, Djansang) seed, Aguaje fruit, Red Maca root, Fenugreek seed, Tiger nut, Fennel seed, and Pueraria Mirifica; Akpi Seed oil; essential oils of Juniper berries, Grapefruit Peel (Pink) oil, Eucalyptus, and Combava.

4 ounce amber glass jar with plastic screw on lid.