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Enkleia Cream (for Men) - 4 oz

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Enkleia Cream (for Men) - 4 oz

Natural Topical Penis Enlargement Cream

Enkleia thorelii (Lecomte) Nervling or “Pra-Doo-Tung” is a Thai herb that help men enlarge the size of their penis naturally without any adverse side effects. In Thailand, India, and Malaysia, Enkleia is regarded and has been utilized for many generations as a powerful and very effective male aphrodisiac due to its ability to improve male sexual function. It is used by locals as an ingredient in certain cosmetics products to increase penile size.

We are delighted to offer yet another very rare and exotic herb and natural product to our customer base.

This topical cream compliments daily consumption of certain penile growth enhancing herbs such as Kigelia Africana, Mondia Whitei, and Kaempferia Parviflora.

Additional Benefits (of using this cream over time):

Improves penile erectile ability!

Promotes larger & harder penile erectile!

Enhances sexual sensation!

Enhance sexual performance!

Promotes more ejaculation control!

100% Vegan Product!

Directions: Massage a moderate amount of cream into the penile shaft for 3-5 minutes morning and night, preferably after bathing or showing. Use daily for best results. Noticeable penile growth is usually between 6-8 weeks of continuous use (4-6 weeks if used while consuming Kigelia Africana or Mondia Whitei capsules or extract). For external use only!

Ingredients: Vegan cream base, herbal extract of Enkleia Thorelii (concentrated).

Container: 4 ounce Boston Round amber glass with black screw on top.

Weight: 5 ounces