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Q: Does Djehuty Ma'at-Ra make all the products sold on this website?

 A: Yes. Djehuty physically makes all brand products sold on this website.

Q: Are products made by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra sold anywhere else?

A: No. This website is the exclusive distributor of all products formulated by famed herbalist Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

Q: How come the prices have increased?

A: We have increased prices on most of our products in an attempt to slow down sales. Our products are heavily in demand and strangely, despite increasing prices sales have increased and continue to increase and this is primarily because of two things: (1) high/superior quality of our products (made by Djehuty himself), and (2) word of mouth advertising (we do not advertise on television, radio, Sirius XM satellite radio, social media, or print media [newspaper, magazine]). 

Q: How come the cleanses no longer come with instructions?

A: So many customers were losing or misplacing their instructions and contacting us to mail out replacements and we just didn’t have the time or manpower for such a task due to carelessness. To remedy this issue, we felt it was best to just include the instructions within the product descriptions of the major cleanses online (on our website).

Q: How long are your products good from the date of purchase (I bought products two years ago and never took them but now want to take them, are they still good)?

A: Our products (edible ones) are good for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase.

Q: How come there are no more sales like there was in the past?

A: Sales cause an influx of orders and unfortunately, the more sales, the more orders that have to be fulfilled, and the more orders that have to be fulfilled, the more raw-materials/ingredients and supplies are needed. This entire process slows the business down and delays shipment of orders and delayed shipment of orders creates an influx of phone calls to customer service by certain customers (who don’t understand the natural process of making our products) requesting order status updates, which clogs the phone lines. However, the foregoing does not mean any more sales. There will be sales but no notice will be given. They will be random throughout the year.

Q: Are there any physical, brick-and-mortar stores to pick-up products in person? 

A: No. Products are only available for purchase online.

Q: Can customers make phone orders (or order over the phone)?

A: Unfortunately, no. We do our best to keep phone lines open only for customer service. Orders can be made online 24/7 online or customers (especially international customers) can request an email order by sending their order to us @ Contact Us or our email address and request an invoice to make payment. This is ideal for international customers.

Q: Does Djehuty Maatra Herbs offer wholesale, distribution, or an affiliate program? 

A: No.

Q: I am unable to order online. Are there optional ways to order products?

A: Yes. You can email us your order and request an invoice to make payment (by credit or debit card), or, you can mail in your order. Email and address information is located at: “Contact Us” on the website.

If you need to make a direct deposit to pay for your order, contact us for instructions and name of local bank.

Q: What happened to all of Djehuty’s old videos and articles? Will they return?

A: Unfortunately, that material has been removed from our website and we have no plans to return them as they complicate the business as customers were unable to draw the line between information/ministry and business and created a customer service nightmare. Djehuty also claimed the videos and articles made him too popular and it was something he did not like or desire but understood that it came with the territory. He feels he can best do his work and be most effective while working from behind the scenes (producing products) and out of the public limelight. The only exceptions to the foregoing are audio (which you can hear at, "Djehuty Ma'at-Ra Shows") and social media (Twitter).

Q: Does Djehuty still perform personal healing services like chakra balancing and ear coning?

A: No.

Q: Does Djehuty still conduct personal consultations?

A: Yes, though only over-the-phone and/or Face-Time. Consultations are 55 minutes and at present are $150. You can schedule a consultation @ Contact Us and make payment via emailed invoice.

Q: Why is it difficult getting through to customer service on the toll-free phone line?

A: Unfortunately, we have a lot of customers who call our toll-free number and ask numerous questions, including questions for answers freely provided on the website. Many customers prefer to call and inquire rather than do independent research and read. Unfortunately, lengthy phone calls tie up the phone lines preventing other customers from getting through for which we apologize for.

In the past, the herbalist was a part of businesses known for sharing voluminous amounts of knowledge and information free of charge and many customers would call inquiring about knowledge and information the herbalist shared in a video and/or article and had nothing to do with products being sold. The barrier between business (customer service) and social (ministry) was greatly violated and led to a host of complaints from customers who could never get through on the phone lines.

Q: Why is the business changing its containers from plastic to glass? Isn't that more expensive?

A: It was a collective business decision rooted in Djehuty's desire to refrain from using plastic which he has desired for nearly a decade but bumped heads with former business partners (at several past businesses) who put profits over people which caused much internal discord and even a few business dissolutions and partnership severance. Djehuty is rooted in strong personal morals, ethics, and integrity and that's why he approved this online business bearing his entire name which is a brand in and of itself and a much trusted and valued brand by domestic and global customers alike.

And yes, glass is more expensive than plastic but the business will eat the expense and not pass it on to the customers which is the common thing to do in business.

Q: Why are there so many imposter and fraud individuals and businesses out there claiming Djehuty works for their business and/or make their products and/is affiliated with them/their business?

A: We feel the answer is obvious. The Herbalist makes the best products, he's very well-known/popular, and he's full of great wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Others want to capitalize off his name, creations, and genius all for the sake of profit. Djehuty is for the people.



Customers can help us by calling prepared with questions or inquiries written down, having their order number handy, and keeping their calls limited out of respect for other customers.