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FBD Cleanse (Capsules)

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FBD Cleanse  (Capsules)

The Cleanse Others Have Tried To Duplicate Over The Years But To No Avail. Our Potency (of herbs and recipe) is Unmatched and Unrivaled!

Description: Djehuty’s famous 20-day Full Body Detox is Djehuty’s top-selling product for 19 years in a row and only available from this website. This 100% herbal, 20-day cleanse is the One, the Only, the Original – Full Body Detox, the trendsetter in twenty day cleanses featuring six formulas (for the blood and lymph, heart [cardio and vascular]; liver, gallbladder, and spleen; lungs and sinus; kidneys and bladder; and gastro-intestinal [colon] tract, and activated charcoal.

The FBD Cleanse is the original cleanse formulated by master herbalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra in November 1999 and that has sold hundreds of thousands of units globally and is the trendsetter with numerous knockoffs cleanses on the market. This cleanse that has cleansed many temples (bodies), saved many lives, and improved the health of many.

FBD Cleanse is a powerful 20-day cleanse, consisting of six formulas, for individuals who may be suffering from any adverse health condition or issue and/or individuals who are merely maintaining their health. No matter what the condition, the FBD Cleanse is the starter cleanse.

The FBD Cleanse is the Only cleanse you’ll need for blood cleansing, heart cleansing, liver and gallbladder cleansing, lungs cleansing, kidney cleansing, and colon cleansing. Guaranteed!

The Full Body Detox reboots the entire system, recalibrates all body systems (e.g. endocrine system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc.); normalizes healthy weight (helps reduce and/or maintain desired weight), expels hardened and stubborn mucus; kills and eliminates parasites and worms, restores and increases energy levels and promotes stamina and endurance; promotes healthier skin that shines and glows due to resiliency, promotes clearer thinking; promotes wellbeing and counters lethargy and debilitation; counters acidity and restores the body to a natural alkaline state and pH level (7.3); promotes normal and regular elimination of excreta including bowel movements; promotes healthier and normalized menstrual cycles for women; reboots the sex life for both men and women, counters cellular degeneration and atrophy, and so much more.


 The Full Body Detox consists of six formulas and activated charcoal. The six formulas include:

 Blood and Lymph

 Cardio and Vascaular (Heart)

 Liver, Gallbladder, and Spleen

 Lungs and Sinus (Respiratory)

 Kidneys, Bladder, and Adrenals (Uro-genito)

 Gastro-Intestinal (Colon)

Djehuty’s Full Body Detox was the first cleanse on the market to feature Activated Charcoal (also known as Carbon). Our Activated Charcoal (Carbon) is 100% food grade and derived from plant matter (coconut shell). Activated charcoal is a byproduct of slowly burnt wood, peat, bamboo, or coconut shell, treated with oxygen. Do not confuse Activated Charcoal with the toxic brisquettes often used for grilling foods

Activated Charcoal is a tasteless and odorless powder and very alkaline. It is very porous, and once activated, the porosity rises, allowing it to efficiently absorb more substances. Activated Charcoal allows harmful drugs and toxins lurking in the body to bind to it so that they can be expelled from the body. This is why the substance is given to patients in hospitals who suffer from drug overdose or poisoning. No other substance works better at removing poison from the body and that’s why Djehuty includes Activated Charcoal in his Full Body Detox.

Activated charcoal greatly removes toxins (including heavy metal toxins) from the body. In addition, it alleviates flatulence (gas) and bloating, cleanses the digestive tract.

We absolutely and emphatically ensure your success (great results you can see, hear, feel, and smell - GAURANTEED!

Formulated and mixed by the hands of master herbalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra. An authentic creation.

Quantity: 100 capsules per formula (6 formulas total)

Pregnancy: Not recommended.

Breastfeeding: Not recommended.

Children: Not recommended.

Contraindication: Do not take with prescription medication.


Blood and Lymph Formula: Alfalfa leaf, Burdock root, Yellow Dock root, Dandelion root, Chickweed leaf, Red Clover tops, Nettle leaf, Sarsaparilla root, Oregon Grape root, Echinacea angustifolia root, Devil's Claw root, Cayenne fruit, Chaparral leaf, Celadine, and Goldenseal root.

Cardiovascular Formula: Hawthorn berries, Ginseng root, Blessed Thistle leaf, Cinnamon bark, Ginger root, Cayenne fruit, Gingko Biloba leaf, Shepherd's Purse leaf, Green Tea leaf, Chasque seed, Butcher's Broom root, Angelica root, Wahoo bark, and Valley Lily.

Liver-Gallbladder-Spleen Formula: Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, Boldo leaf, Fenugreek seed, Gentian root, Turmeric, Oregon Grape root, Barberry bark, Peony root, Quassia chips, Bupleurem, Fringetree bark, Goldenseal root, Toadflax, and Chaparral leaf.

Lungs and Sinus (Respiratory) Formula: Mullein leaf, Licorice root, Eucalyptus, Coltsfoot leaf, Boneset, Lobelia, Pleurisy, Slippery Elm bark, Yerba Santa leaf, Fenugreek seed, Cayenne fruit, Peppermint leaf, Thyme leaf, Hyssop, and Goldenseal root.

Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenal (Uro-genito)  Formula: Cornsilk, UVA Ursi leaf, Juniper berries, Shavegrass, Nettle leaf, Gravel root, Tribulis fruit, Basil leaf, Borage leaf, Devil's Claw root, Chanca Piedra leaf, Celery seed, Parsley leaf, Cranberry fruit, and Buchu leaf.

Gastro and Intestinal (Colon) Formula: Senna leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Cape Aloes leaf, Buckthorn bark, Chamomile flower, Irish Moss, Fennel seed, Slippery Elm bark, Ginger root, Jalap root, Rhubarb root, Licorice root, Senna pods, Black Walnut hull, and Goldenseal root.

100% Pure, food grade Activated Charcoal (derived from Coconut shell).

NOTE: These six formulas are available for sale individually on our website under their names listed above. Activated charcoal is available individually on our website.

Additional Ingredients: none

Capsules: Hard HPMC, Clear EMBO Capsules. Size # “o”. Vegetable (Vegan). Digestibility: 100%.

Vegan Product. Contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, food coloring, additives, or other excipients. Free of GMO ingredients, gluten, soy, corn, and nuts.

Instructions (for use):

The six formulas are to be taken 2-3 hours a part so each formula can perform its designated function. Formula #1 is taken whenever you start your day, even if you start your day at night (e.g. graveyard shift). It doesn’t matter. It’s the first formula of your day. Each formula should be taken with a full glass of eight ounces of water, preferably distilled or alkaline water (the best). Never drink municipal tap water! It is not recommended that you take all six formulas at once.

Sample Schedule:

Formula #1: 7:00 A.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #2: 9:00 A.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #3: 11:00 A.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #4: 1:00 P.M. or 2:00 P.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #5: 3:00 P.M. or 5:00 P.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #6: 5:00 P.M. or 6:00 P.M. Take 5 capsules

Activated Charcoal: With Formula #6 or before bedtime (add 1/3 teaspoon to 4 ounces of water, stir well, and drink).

NOTE: If you work nights, simply reverse the schedule and simply take Formula 1 first, the Formula #2 2-3 hours later, and so on. It’s really simple.

The recommended diet for this cleanse as with all of the cleanses formulated by herbalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is a strictly raw foods, plant-based diet consisting of “your” favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains (sprouted). Whatever you like to eat, just eat it raw, and as much as you like. That simple!

Breakfast consumption during this cleanse should include raw, fresh, organic (preferably) fruit and/or fruit smoothie. Fruit consumption is best in the morning. After all, technically, you’re breaking a “fast”, hence the first meal of the day, breakfast (breaking the ‘fast’). 

Lunch consumption during the cleanse should include a big, green, leafy, cruciferous salad (e.g. Romaine lettuce, Green lettuce, etc. - no iceberg lettuce as it is devoid of any nutrition and was grafted to grow in cold weather, even snow, hence the name “ice-berg”). You can add tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, corn, olives, shredded carrots, shredded radish, green peppers, etc. to your salad. Whatever you add, just make sure it’s fresh and raw (uncooked). Good salad dressings include generic dressing (extra-virgin olive oil, lemon or lime juice, apple cider vinegar, sea salt) or store brands such as “Follow Your Heart” (best brand). Lunch can also consist of Tabouli (parsley) salad, coleslaw (use vegan mayonnaise), etc. Simply be creative. Look for raw food recipes on the internet. Type in “raw foods recipes” or “free raw food recipes.”

Dinner consumption during this cleanse can be a repeat of the lunch selection. If the season is Fall, September 21 - December 20, or Winter, December 21 - March 20, and thus cold weather while you’re cleansing, you may consume hot soup, vegetable stew, vegetable broth, etc. If you need to feel something sticking to your bones (filling) while cleansing, you may consume brown or wild rice and steamed vegetables. Just don’t make an excuse to eat like this during the entire cleanse. Use/develop willpower (which fosters much needed discipline) which cleansing requires.

Good snacks to consume while cleansing include organic raisins, dates, sulfur-free dried fruits, dried fruit-vegetable chips, trail mix, etc. NOTE: Make sure snacks are sulfur (sulphur) free.

The best tea to consume while performing this cleanse or any other of our cleanses is our 20-Day Cleanse Tea. Because tea is herbal and therapeutic, you can drink as much tea as you like, typically 1-4 cups per day while cleansing will suffice.

FBD Tea (Bulk):

If you’re cleansing and must travel and need to find a health store and/or raw foods, vegan, macrobiotic, or vegetarian restaurant, the best resource on the internet is Download their app on your phone (there may be a small fee). You won’t regret it. Best app for healthy dining.

It is highly recommended by Djehuty to drink fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice during your cleanse, as much as possible. Just follow the rules of food combining (you can learn more about this subject online at sites like:

During this cleanse, please refrain (to the best of your ability) from consuming meat, eggs, dairy, refined grains and starches, and commercial condiments (they trigger unnatural and unhealthy appetite).

Avoid “cooked” food (food cooked in heat beyond 118 degrees F).

Meat includes but is not limited to: bacon, beef, bison, bologna, chicken, crab, fish, frankfurter (hot dog weiner), ham, hamburger, ham hock, hog head cheese, gizzard, lamb, liver, liverwurst, lobster, neck bone, pastrami, pig feet, pig snout, pork, potted meat, rock cornish hen, salami, salt pork, sausage, sardines, shrimp, Spam, steak, turkey, etc. 

Post-Cleanse Alternatives: grain-nut-mushroom combo, Seitan, Gardein*, tempeh*, tofu*, TVP*

* soy-based. Refrain from eating a lot of if you choose to consume it.

Eggs include chicken eggs, caviar (fish eggs), egg whites, scrambled eggs, omelet, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternative: Egg replacer (for food preparation purposes only).

Dairy includes but is not limited to: milk, milk chocolate, cheese, butter, cream, whip cream, yogurt, colostrum, creamer, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternatives: (Milk) almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk, hemp seed milk, oat milk, coconut milk, sesame milk; (Cheese) vegan ones containing no casein; (Yogurt) dairy-free brands; (Butter) Earth Balance brand (Mayonnaise) Follow Your Heart brand veganaise (the best)

Refined grains/starches include but is not limited to: white bread, cake, donuts, crackers, cookies, pies/pastries, pancakes, waffles, commercial cereals, bagels, croissants, bread sticks, white flour, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternatives: whole wheat, multi-grain, teff, buckwheat, Kamut wheat, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, spelt, etc.

Avoid: (Sweeteners) white sugar, brown sugar, rapadura, Succanat, Saccharin, aspartame, dextrose, glucose, sucrose, corn syrup, raw cane sugar, sugar cane crystals, high fructose corn syrup, etc. (Salt) white table salt, Lawry’s seasoning, (Condiment) commercial brand mustard (w/ white distilled vinegar), ketchup (w/ white distilled vinegar), (Sauce) soy sauce; (Vinegar) white distilled vinegar, vinegar, etc.; black pepper.

Post-Cleanse alternatives: (Sweeteners) Stevia, vegetable glycerin, agave nectar, maple syrup (grade B and C are best), coconut nectar, date palm (coconut) sugar, xylitol, erythritol, etc. (Salt) Himalayan pink salt (best, very nutritious), Kala Namak aka Himalayan black salt (very nutritious), sea salt, Celtic sea salt, Alaea Hawaiian red sea salt, Matcha green tea salt, Herbamere brand, Bernard Jensen brand herbal seasoning, Eden brand Gomasio. etc. (Vinegar) Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, red plum vinegar, brown rice vinegar; (Soy Sauce) Bragg’s liquid aminos, Coconut Secrets brand coconut aminos.

Avoid: Coffee, latte, hot cocoa, hot chocolate, beer, wine, spirits, champagne, Kool-Aid, soda pop, carbonated beverages, fruit punch, commercial pasteurized fruit beverages, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternatives: If you will drink bottled fruit juice, best brands are Lakewood and Santa Cruz, organic (preferably); herbal coffee, Teeccino brand herbal coffee, Tea (herbal), bottled tea; mineral water. Freshly squeezed fruit juice and vegetable juice are best!

Best bottled alkaline water brands: Essentia, Penta, Oxygen water, Real Water, Hydrate High, Alkaline 88, and Evamor.

Best bottled water brands: Voss, Fiji, Evian. Avoid consuming Dasani and Aquafina bottled brands.

For more dietary information while cleansing:

Articles: Visit our "blog" section on this website.

Videos: Full Body Detox the Movie (2015)

DVD: Urban kyrptonite (2014)

NOTE: It is not recommended that you perform any other cleanse or regimen while performing the Full Body Detox. Refrain from consuming supplements, including vitamins and minerals, of any kind until you’ve completed the Full Body Detox.

While cleansing, Djehuty recommends: exercising (strenuous and subtle, your choice), yoga, walking, stretching, biking, swimming, chakra balancing, enemas and colonics, sauna (steam, FAR-infra red); massage, chiropractic, acupressure, yoni steams, sweat lodging, ear coning or candling, etc.

During the cleansing process, it is very common for people, especially those whose bodies are very toxic from toxic living, to experience the “healing crisis”, “the Law of Cure”, or “Herxheimer Reaction” which is nothing but the body going through the pains of cleansing, rebuilding, repairing, restrengthening, etc. It may appear or feel as if the herbs are making you feel bad or worse, but they are not. Your body is healing and therefore you must persist and not stop or give in.

It is ideal to cleanse the body with a cleanse every seasonal change (or four times a year). Once minimum and four times maximum (for those really serious about their health and who desire to live in tune or harmony with Nature). The best times to perform a cleanse is the month before your birthday and/or six months from your birthday, times your body’s energy is lowest.

It is not recommended that individuals engage in sexual intercourse while cleansing if one has the discipline. This is optional, though not recommended. However, detoxing and cleansing is known to restore the libido (rebooting and recalibrating the sexual reproductive system).

The benefits of cleansing include more energy, weight reduction, better or optimal functioning of body organs, glands, systems; clearer sense of being as well as thinking; radiant, glowing skin; improved sex drive, improved sleep, a new zest for life, and so much more. 

All of our cleanses are 100% plant-based (vegan) and contain absolutely no additives, no preservatives, and no excipients. Non-GMO. No Soy, Wheat or Corn.

Container Information (Specs): 150 CC RP HDPE White 38/400 Bottle with White Rib top (with inner protective seal).

Weight: 3.2 ounces per individual bottle

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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  • 5
    FBD Cleansde

    Posted by Hazelphine Townsend on Jul 11th 2019

    I have been with Djehuty since he was with another company and I have been taking this cleanser for years. Now I was told I may have MS, fast forward to the current day. I stop eating meat, and I am an Inspector for USDA, so I know what meat does to the body. I still call sea bugs(shrimp), and fish I am working on eliminating them also
    I am going to Africa in two weeks, and when I return I will order my FBD cleanse. side note: my only brother passed away 2016 he had brain cancer, but he passed we gave him one of his cleansings. he would spend almost an hour in the restroom, he even stopped smoking. when my brother went under the knife again half of the tumor was dead. had he followed the regimen that went along with this cleanse, I do believe all of the tumors would have been dead. he continued to eat meat especially pork, drink milk, sodas, etc. I truly believed in his products, he gave my brother another five years from the doctor's expectation. they told him he only had six months. Djehuty Ma-atra is God sent.

  • 4
    Life changing, I love it !

    Posted by Tanesha on May 15th 2019

    I started this detox in April 2019. I will say that I was pleased with my results. My body was so toxic I feel like I am completely cleaned out and ready to start living a healthy lifestyle. After this detox I had no desire to eat meat and drink alcohol. My skin is glowing and it even stopped my hair from shedding and also it made my hair grow out like crazy within the 20days. I will say my only down side was that my pills were miss counted so my last day doing the cleanse wasn’t complete. I did not have formula 6 and two other formulas only had two to three pills left so my last day was not fully complete. The first three days are the hardest and it does take some getting use t but after the first week it’s easy just drink a lot of water and eat nuts and fruit. I will be doing this again after summer ends.

  • 5
    FBD capsules

    Posted by Channing Davenport on May 9th 2019

    Life changing! Formula truly helps to restore and renew. If you follow the recommended diet during cleansing you will see results and be satisfied

  • 5
    An Absolute Rebirth

    Posted by Alexis Reynolds on Nov 9th 2018

    PSA: THIS IS LONG—but too often, I find very short and non-descriptive reviews that make it hard to sway me in one direction or another and I sit teeter-tottering on the fence far too long, ultimately veering away from the product altogether. I want to give a detailed description of what to possibly expect (however, we are ALL very different). Just remember, in my opinion, you have to be all in if you’re not use to this type of healing process and dietary regimen. You MUST be fully committed if you want the full benefits that this FBD can offer you.

    I first found Djehuty Maatra and his FBD 5 years ago (age 35), around the time that he was changing over his company name and making HUGE executive and managerial decisions. I started following him and his videos and blogs, as well as researching other products, companies and their practices, and decided Djehuty, his products, and his values were the best choice for me and my healing process. While he may come across rather radical in regards to certain aspects of life, I have found myself agreeing with him more often than not on many different blogs and I have found his products are of superior quality—I definitely trust these products hands down. I have purchased this Full Body detox three times thus far, as well as a variety of other products to include, but not limited to, essential oils and various other oils, Pure Cocoa Butter, and FBD accessory products. EVERY single product has been above and beyond my expectations and of SUPERIOR quality! I could not be MORE pleased! While, I did purchase the FBD three times, one of them was for my husband (age 38 at the time). We did our first cleanse together 5 years ago and it was tough to change our lifestyle, but it was worth it—we also lost 37 pounds together (him 20, me 17). However, we were not fully committed spiritually or mentally and we went back to our old ways of eating meat, drinking alcohol, processed foods, etc. BUT I was glad that we found the courage and a trustworthy product to cleanse with. When we were on the detox, we didn’t crave much of anything “bad” and actually started looking forward to our fruits and veggies, etc. it was definitely a great bonding experience to say the least. (NOTE: Drink LOTS of WATER, when I say lots, I mean 60% of your body weight.) You WILL pee like crazy for the first 3-4 days BUT it will dissipate and your body will regulate, knowing that you have finally given your body the proper hydration, it will let all the excess water weight go, and you WILL regulate—stick through it, and you will see what I mean!!! Days 1-4 were the toughest. We were VERY tired days 1 and 2 (dragging serious ass), we had extreme headaches days 2 and 3 (watermelon helped with these immensely) and we had the most ridiculous leg cramping on day 4 (literally stopped us in our tracks). Now that I am much more researched and aware, Lemon water and Pink Himalayan Salt will help with these if you get them (half of a fresh lemon, 1/8th tsp salt, 8 oz water). All of which sucked, but we expected them though, due to the fantastic informational packet that was included back then (online now). We also experienced no problems or discomfort when taking the activated charcoal each night, and I learned how great activated charcoal is for our teeth back then too, and have used it ever since for some of the most amazing and healthy, whitening results 5 years later. Getting back to the detox, days 5-7 we started feeling much better, and by days 8-20 we were feeling completely renewed! We just weren’t spirtiually or mentally committed to the process back then post-cleanse. However, I decided to give it a go AGAIN approx a month and a half ago—ALONE! I was ready this time spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally to not only stick to it, but to also continue post-cleanse. It has taken me 5 years to get to where I am today, unwaivering and relentless healing, but I was finally committed and still am to a healthier more rewarding life. I was also able to compare and contrast the healing process from 5 years ago, to the current process and noticed quite a few changes—it’s amazing how much our body changes after 5 years. This time around (age 40), I was not as tired, I was much more energetic and spiritually alive, feeling completely rejuvenated and elated. I didn’t get any headaches (at all) and I had absolutely NO muscle cramps ( I was prepared for them all though). However, I was experiencing the healing process throughout all of my organs this time, It was as if I could feel every organ healing, on different days, in different ways—talk about paying attention to your body—completely eye opening and not always the most comfortable, but once you review the helpful blog on the FBD (which you can find in the blog category on this website), you start to understand that this IS normal and you may need to start paying attention to those areas thereafter, for a possible underlying condition, as well as understanding, that your body may need a better balance (i.e. in my instance balancing my gut flora due to past antibiotic use/and poor dietary choices, etc to eliminate GERD/Acid reflux symptoms). OH, and as an added bonus, I lost 16 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes this time around (about the same as 5 years ago). However, this time, I am maintaining my weight-loss thus far and have NOT gone back to my old ways, nor do I have the desire to go back. All of this being said, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this FBD, even if your plan is NOT to continue a vegan lifestyle, it is an excellent way to test your resolve and cleanse and rejuvenate your body for ongoing sustainability. Long story, short, in my opinion, You will NOT find a better, safer, or quality FBD on the market than Djehuty’s patented FBD. It is worth EVERY PENNY!!!! Happy Healing!!!

  • 5
    Full body detox

    Posted by Catheribe on Nov 2nd 2018

    I love the full body detox and I recommend it to everyone. After doing the full body detox you feel like a reborn human being.

  • 5
    Full body detox

    Posted by darius banks on Jun 13th 2018

    Best detox ever from the Master herbalist. The detox is a definite jump start to recuperation of any disease or disorder the body has challenges healing. The process and delivery is time consuming due to the quality and spiritual aspect that's taking into consideration of making the extracts or pills. Will definitely buy again and will always support my Sun brother. Peace and Light

  • 5

    Posted by Annie on May 31st 2018

    Im buying again and again beat fbc Ever

  • 5
    FBD Cleanse

    Posted by Sasha on Jan 16th 2018

    Absolutely life changing cleanse! I've done this herbal cleanse twice, and it's been one of the most clarifying experiences. Not only were my bowels cleared, but my skin improved, my energy levels were ramped up, and I could think clearly. So happy to have learned about this cleanse.

  • 5

    Posted by Janae on Dec 10th 2017

    The cleanse is life changing. I don’t look at food the same. It’s amazing how my body started to self heal without the need for meds.
    I didn’t feel hungry like i thought i would, i followed step by step. In the beginning i did crave warm food because i live in a cold environment, but as my body healed from past abuse with food, i just ate out of need. Highly recommend