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Female Breast Enhancement Extract - 2oz

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Female Breast Enhancement Extract - 2oz

Our Female Breast Enhancement Formula is a comprehensive herbal breast enlargement formula that will help you naturally and safely achieve that full-rounded beautiful shape of your breasts. Taken daily and consistently a woman can achieve a cup size increase with this unique formulation by master healer and herbalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

This formula taken as part of a wholistic breast enhancement routine (that includes mental science and breast massage and conditioning) will help breasts look lifted, feel toned, have definition, and look perky - countering the saggy breast look.

The formula works due to the phyto-estrogenic properties of the herbal ingredients. The size of a woman’s breasts are determined by several key factors including genetics. It is a biological fact that when a female reaches puberty, her body starts releasing hormones, including estrogen (in the form of estriol, a beneficial estrogen). As some women due to unique genetic disposition will produce more amounts of estrogen and thus will have larger breasts, some females will not produce high levels of estrogen and thus have smaller breasts. However, it is possible to naturally and safely stimulate the system in order to effectuate increased production of hormones leading to larger breasts by increasing breast tissue.

The phyto-estrogenic herbs in this formula stimulate the estrogen receptor sites in a woman’s body which will promote the growth of healthy new breast tissue while simultaneously balancing and maintaining hormonal levels.

An added incentive with this formula is that there are additional benefits for women, including increase in libido, PMS and menstrual relief, menopausal symptom relief, and clearer and healthier complexion (which many females are unwisely taking harmful, toxic and fatal man-made birth control pills for).

Every 4 weeks you should notice a cup-size increase in your breasts and after 12 weeks you should notice an increase in your breasts by 3 cup sizes and can thus reduce your intake (of 3 capsules daily) to just 3 capsules taken once a week (your day of choice).

Your cleavage and breasts will become noticeably firmer and fuller as the weeks progress.

As you take the formula daily you also work the power of your mind, using mental science (visualizing your breasts becoming larger to your desire and satisfaction) 5-15 minutes daily as a mental exercise. In addition, you’ll want to massage the breasts daily using either our Female Breast Oil or Female Breast Toning and Enhancement Cream which compliment this formula and natural breast enhancement process.

Directions: Take 1-2 dispenser full in water daily or use as needed. Take consistently for optimum benefit. Reduce consumption after achieving maximum breast size.

Ingredients: Blessed Thistle, Black Cohosh Root, Damiana, Fennel Seed, Saw Palmetto Berry, Watercress, Wild Yam Root, Dong Quai, Licorice, Oak Gall, Purafem Pueraria Mirifica, Vegetable Glycerin and Alkaline Water .

Net Fluid Wt. 60 ml

The above statements have not been approved by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.