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Imphepho Extract

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Imphepho Extract

Imphepho, Native to South Africa, is the African shaman’s version of the Native American white sage. Imphepho is great for performing self-exorcism of evil spirit’s (just as when burned as an incense it removes evil spirits from one’s house).

It is has entheogen and sedative properties and can help to induce trance states and connect one with their ancestors.

The entheogenic effects of Imphepho are used to aid in visions, sedation, and lucid dream workings. It is also great to consume for relaxation and meditative purposes

Africans have also traditionally used this herb for countering coughs, colds, headaches and other adverse health conditions.

Imphepho is a night-time herb due to its sedative effects that aids in relaxation and helps one drift off to sleep. Imphepho is an entheogen that falls under the category “Oneirogens” (also known as “dream herbs”).

Many oneirogenic plants have a history of use and origin in Africa. Other Oneirogens and sedative (sleep aid) herbs include: Calea Z. (Dream Herb), Silene Capensis (Xhosa Dream Herb), Entada R. (African Dream Herb), Cowage (Mucuna Pruriens), Alepidea (Amatymbica Iqwili), and Passionflower.

MESSAGE FROM DJEHUTY MA'AT-RA: My special herbal extracts are not alternatives to man-made drugs to help you escape from deemed harsh reality and the unnatural stress it produces. They are tools to help responsible people to create their own reality.

The secret to overcoming the Matrix is to create your own reality while residing in the Matrix, using the Matrix to work for yourself and not the other way around. All the answers you require for knowing yourself, who you are, are within you, so the goal is to always go within (“the kingdom of God is within”). Man-made drugs distort your reality and prevent you from creating your own reality, something Nature’s herbs can assist you in doing and without adverse side effects including addiction.

The way out is in. You must go deep within self and herbs that are entheogenic, hallucinogenic, psychoactive, calming, relaxing, divinatory, etc. can help you go within and bring out the inner answers into your outer world to help you solve outer world/external problems (opportunities, for growth, development).

Contains NO alcohol (alcohol-free)!

Directions: Take 1-2 dropper fulls or dispenser fulls in a glass of water. Use as needed.

Ingredients: Helichrysum odoratissimum, Vegetable Glycerin, and Alkaline Water.

Size: 2oz