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Before contacting us, please see the FAQs below.



  1. How long will it take me to receive my order?
    After an order is made on our website, orders are shipped within 7-21 business days, not including weekends or holidays (or sooner) by U.S.P.S.

    NOTE: Please know that we make our products fresh and natural, daily, and time is involved. In some cases, due to stock availability or during sales, orders can experience up to a 30 day delay.
    PLEASE DO NOT order from us if the wait time is a problem!

    NOTE: If you request a refund or file a dispute/chargeback (within 21 days of placing your order), after you've checked off on our ordering policy during checkout, you will automatically be permanently banned from ordering from this website. No exceptions!

    Our products are in constant demand (due to superior quality, potency, and affordability) and we will not compromise our natural way of manufacturing products to speed up production.

  2. Why does it take so long for you to ship my order?
    We make our products fresh and natural, daily, and time is involved. We have a natural manufacturing process (no chemical use or artificial processes that often speed up manufacturing time) that may at times slow down processing and shipping. However, we cannot compromise our process and primary duty to Nature to cut corners and water down the efficacy of our products to speed up production.

  3. I have not received my order yet, where is my tracking number?
    Please allow 7-21 days for your order to ship. There is no need to contact or email us unless your order has exceeded the designated timeframe. You will receive a tracking number as soon as it ships.

  4. Is there a way to call or check on my order?
    No. Unless your order has exceeded our 7-21 days shipping requirement, there is no need to check on your order. It will ship when it's ready.

  5. Why are items missing from my order? 
    Our products are in high demand and it is very difficult to keep products in stock. In order to keep you from waiting for your entire order, we will sometimes ship what's immediately available first and ship the items that may be on backorder separately. 

  6. Do you accept international orders?
    Unfortunately due to an ongoing number of fraudulent orders, we no longer accept international orders.



  1. What is the shelf life of the herbs? When do they expire?
    By law we are required to put a three year expiration date on our herbs, but technically herbs do not expire.