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Relating Potential Report

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Relating Potential Report

The focus of this program is on relationships — friendships, love, and business — literally any interaction with other people. Relating Potential produces a natal interpretation with an emphasis on the characteristics that help or hinder in forming and nurturing relationships. 

A Relating Potential report will give you insights into the type of partner a person would find attractive, as well as their potential relationship skills and potential problems.

All aspects of relating are covered from psychological to sexual. Each chapter examines a different part of the whole.

Relating Potential reports take the reader on an intimate journey of self-discovery. At the end of the voyage, happier, more fulfilling relationships await.

Typical reports are about 20 to 40 pages.

Reports are generally sent within 7 business days after purchase.

Note: After reports are performed and sent, we do not save the information. Please store your report on a reliable drive or storage application.