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Shea Booty Butter (4 oz)

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Shea Booty Butter (4 oz)

Enlarge & Firm Your Butt and Hips Without Needing Surgery.

Shea Booty Butter is an all-natural, plant-based cosmetic and beauty product that promotes a naturally curvy bottom as well as hips and thighs, and containing Akpi Seed. Akpi is called the Gold Seed native to Central Africa and is the beauty secret of African women for generations.

Akpi Seed oil is an natural, essential oil that naturally helps to enlarge and firm buttocks, hips, and breasts. It is produced by a tree called Djansang. Its scientific name is Ricinodendron heudelotii. The Akpi tree is found mainly in Western and Central Africa. It is known by different names in different countries, such as Wama in Ghana, Okuen in Nigeria, Njangsa or Essessang in Cameroon, and Kishongo in Uganda.

Directions: Massage moderate amount of butter into skin of buttocks (and hips and thighs). For best results, use twice daily (mornings and Evenings).

Ingredients: Unrefined African Ivory Shea butter and Akpi Seed oil. 

Container: 4 oz amber glass bottle with black screw-on lid.

Weight: 5.5 ounces