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Skin Lightening Cream - 4 oz

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Skin Lightening Cream - 4 oz

From its name you may think skin lightening cream is to lighten the skin, however, its function is to actually help even and tone the skin for people suffering with uneven skin tone, a very common problem with African-American women that greatly affects self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Whitening agents have historically used hydroquinone and kojic acid, which have been shown to be cytotoxic. Alternately, botanical extracts of Mulberry or Licorice Root contain unstable tyrosine inhibiting flavonoids, causing tyrosine to hyper-pigment (oxidize and darken skin). 

Newer botanicals have eliminated this anti-tyrosinase activity, i.e. Kiwi Root (Actinidia Chinesis), it targets specific pigmentation problems and have produced 94% equivalent effectiveness of kojic acid (without toxicity). 

Using a mango cream base, it includes 5 natural oils of Avocado, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Olive and Sunflower. Shea and Mango Butters along with Aloe, Vitamin E and Cucumber extracts, enrich the skin and can be used as a daily moisturizer.

Helpful for uneven skin tone, dark spots, and skin discoloration.

NOTE: We DO NOT promote this product or any product for that matter for purposes of lightening the skin absent an uneven skin tone condition. 

Directions: Apply moderate amount of cream to affected skin area (uneven skin tone area) and massage/rub into skin. Use daily or as needed.


* The above statements have not been approved by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.