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Super Colon Formula - 100 Capsules

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Super Colon Formula - 100 Capsules

Description: Super Colon Formula is the BEST colon cleansing formula on the market, containing the best colonic, laxative, aperient, and cathartic herbs available including the two best colon herbs from Africa - Senna leaf and Cape Aloes leaf, the best colon herbs from Central and South America - Cascara Sagrada bark (which name literally means "sacred bark") and Buckthorn bark (a close cousin herb of Cascara Sagrada), and the best Ayurvedic colon herbs - Bilwa and Bibhitaki.

In addition, Super Colon Formula contains the best bulking, mucilaginous, and fiberous herbs that effectively sweep the walls of the colon, including Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Irish Moss, Psyllium Husk, and Apple Pectin to name a few.

Super Colon Formula cleanses, tones, strengtens, repairs, revitalizes, and rejuvenates the colon as well as the entire gastro-intestinal tract. This formula is effective for all adverse colon conditions. Promotes regularity of bowel movements and healthy formation of stools.

More powerful and effective than our Bowel Mover, Sen Fen Formula, and Gastro-Intestinal (Colon) Formula. Guaranteed to get you regular. No griping. No cramping. No spasms. Non-addictive. Aids in the management of healthy and desired weight, and eliminates intestinal parasites and worms. Take before bed-time to ensure a healthy bowel movement in the morning.

Formulated and mixed by the hands of master herbalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra. An authentic creation.

Quantity: 100 capsules.

Pregnancy: Not recommended.

Breastfeeding:Not recommended.

Children: Ages 12 and above.

Contraindication: Do not take with prescription medication.

Ingredients: Senna leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Turkish Rhubarb root, Cape Aloes leaf, Buckthorn bark, Glucomannan root, Black Walnut hull, Chamomile flower, Fennel seed, Turmeric rhizome, Irish Moss, Ginger root, Capsicum fruit, Marshmallow root, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Psyllium husk, Diatomaceous Earth, Apple fiber and pectin; Bilwa (Bilva), Pippali fruit, Slippery Elm bark, Bibhitaki, Goldenseal root, and Activated Charcoal (coconut source).

Additional Ingredients: none

Capsules: Hard HPMC, Clear EMBO Capsules. Size # “o”. Vegetable (Vegan). Digestibility: 100%.

Vegan Product. Contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, food coloring, additives, or other excipients. Free of GMO ingredients, gluten, soy, corn, and nuts.

Instructions (for use): Take three (3) capsules with water. Use daily or as needed. Best if taken forty-five (45) minutes before or after a meal.

Best Time to Take: Evenings, night-time.

Works synergistically with Bowel Mover, Sen Fen, Gastro-Intestinal (Colon) Formula and Intestinal Janitor Formula.

Container Information (Specs): 150 CC RP HDPE White 38/400 Bottle with White Rib top (with inner protective seal).

Weight: 3.2 ounces.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.