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Total Woman Cleanse (Capsules)

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Total Woman Cleanse (Capsules)

The Total Woman Cleanse is ALL-NATURAL, safe, and effective with no adverse side effects. The Total Woman Cleanse will help open the door to healing the entire female constitution. A woman or teenage female ages 18 and up should perform a Total Woman Cleanse at least once a year minimum, two to threes times a year maximum.

Formula #1 Hormonal Balancer FUNCTION: This formula contains female-specific plants that tone, strengthen, nourish, and rejuvenate the female reproductive system. The plants in this formula nourish the endocrine system and helps to maximize the natural function of the uterus and ovaries and helps women to maintain a healthy female reproductive system. INGREDIENTS: RED CLOVER, BLACK COHOSH, MACA MACA, DONG QUAI, BLUE COHOSH, SQUAWVINE, RED RASPEBERRY LEAF, CHASTE TREE BERRIES, WILD YAM, BLESSED THISTLE, DAMIANA, SAW PALMETTO, KELP, KOREAN RED GINSENG, SARSAPARILLA, FALSE UNICORN LICORICE, ASHOKA, SHITAWARI, AND ASHWAGANDHA. .

Formula #2 Uterine Tonic FUNCTION: This formula contains plants that have been traditionally used by women from various cultures for purposes of toning, nourishing, strengthening, rejuvenating, and fortifying the uterus (womb) and cervix and maintains healthy uterine and cervical function and activity and facilitates general healing of the uterus and cervix by enhancing regeneration of the cells of these organs. INGREDIENTS: WHITE OAK BARK, RED RASPBERRY LEAF, BISTORT, CUBEB, WILD INDIGO, BLACK BERRY LEAF, MULLEIN, BAYBERRY, CRANESBILL, BLACK COHOSH, GOLDENSEAL, GUAIAC, BUCHU, WATER ERYNGO AND SQUAWVINE.

Formula #3 Menstrual Normalizer FUNCTION: This compound contains plants that help regulate and normalize the menstrual cycle in addition to alleviating and eliminating certain pangs associated with the menstrual cycle such as cramping, spasms, flatulence, heavy bleeding, and headaches. INGREDIENTS: LADY'S MANTLE, SHEPHERD'S PURSE, MANJISTHA, CRAMPBARK, YARROW, BAYBERRY, RED CLOVER, BLACK HAW, RUE, PENNYROYAL, BETH ROOT, CAPSICUM, CRANESBILL, DONG QUAI, WILD YAM ROOT, BLACK COHOSH, HEAL-ALL HERB, CANADA SNAKE ROOT, SOLOMON'S SEAL, AND RED RASPBERRY LEAF.

Formula #4 Female Breast Tonic FUNCTION: This formula contains plants high in natural sources of phyto-hormones and hormonal precursors that help promote optimal breast health by nourishing the breasts as well as keeping the breasts firm, elastic, and toned with definition. Also cleanses the cells and tissues of the breasts (mammary glands). INGREDIENTS: SAW PALMETTO BERRIES, HONEYSUCKLE, YEW TIPS, DANDELION ROOT, RED CLOVER, CHAPARRAL, RED RASPBERRY LEAF AND WILD YAM ROOT.

Formula #5 Dietary Iron FUNCTION: This formula contains plants high in organic iron that nourishes, builds, strengthens, rejuvenates and purifies the blood. Rebuild your blood and you rebuild the organs of your body. Remember, oxygen piggybacks on the mineral iron and it is therefore very important that the body has optimal amounts of oxygen in the body. INGREDIENTS: YELLOW DOCK, BURDOCK, DANDELION, MULLEIN AND NETTLE.

Formula #6 Colon Evacuative FUNCTION: This compound contains plants that condition the colon and intestinal tract by mildly stimulating peristalsis, sweeping the walls of the colon, helping to repair damaged villi (responsible for nutrients being absorbed in the colon), lubricating the colon, and aiding in the formation of stools. Life and death and health and disease originate in the colon goes the saying. A clean colon and optimum functioning colon is a must for optimal health and wellbeing. INGREDIENTS: SENNA LEAVES AND PODS, CASCARA SAGRADA, CARBON (ACTIVATED CHARCOAL), BUCKTHORN, PSYLLIUM HUSK, BLACK WALNUT HULLS, RHUBARB, IRISH MOSS, ALOE VERA, MANDRAKE, POKE ROOT, SLIPPERY ELM BARK, CAYENNE PEPPER, BENTONITE CLAY, GUAR GUM, GOLDENSEAL AND IPECAC ROOT.

* The above statements have not been approved by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.

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    Women Cleanse

    Posted by Carla on Apr 3rd 2017

    This power fast acting cleanse can be felt working through my system. Although it is to rejuvenate a women's metabolic structure, It feel like it is doing so much more. I am sleeping better, have more energy, and my skin is glowing. I am only on my 4th day and I can already see and feel results. I can't wait to complete my cleanse. I bought this cleanse to regulate my menstrual cycle but I'm please that it is doing much more.