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Yoni Feminine Deodorant Powder (BV / STD)

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Yoni Feminine Deodorant Powder (BV / STD)

Our Yoni Feminine Deodorant Powder replaces your use of commercial-grade toxic powders, many of which are carcinogenic in the long run. 

Use our Yoni Feminine Deodorant Powder BV (Bacterial vaginosis) and STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) version after taking a bath and shower for facilitation of Yoni health and healing, especially where there has been external (genital area) rash, lesion, blisters, warts, etc. 

Our STD variation provides anti-itch and skin-healing properties for adverse skin conditions such as lesions, warts, rashes, etc.

Because the vaginal tissue and vulva regions are highly absorptive of chemicals found in feminine care products, your feminine care products should be 100% food-based, which essentially means 100% plant-based and our Yoni Feminine Deodorant powders are.

The price of this item is due to the use of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. No synthetic fragrances whatsoever, making this a very unique and exclusive product formulated by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra giving women a healthy and natural alternative to commercial chemical powders on the market containing toxic and carcinogenic Talc (Talcum powder). 

Vegan. No harsh or toxic chemicals.

Instructions for use: Sprinkle on to genital region after bathing or showering. Dry skin before applying. For external use only.

Ingredients: Tapioca powder, non-GMO Corn starch powder, Arrowroot powder, Coconut flour, and Potato starch powder; Neem oil, 100% pure essential oil blend of Tea Tree, Oregano, Blue Chamomile, and Myrrh Gum.

8 oz Powder Shaker Bottle