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Yoni Steaming Herbs - 16 oz

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Yoni Steaming Herbs - 16 oz

Yoni steaming herbs aid in the facilitation of womb healing via hydrotherapy (water therapy). The process helps women to heal from adverse conditions of the female reproductive system in addition to accelerating and facilitating post-partum healing.

Yoni steaming works by allowing the warmth of herbal-infused steam to gently permeate the exterior of the yoni (spiritual term for "vagina" which is a medical and biology term for the female genitalia orifice) via the process of hydrotherapy (water therapy), used by the ancient Order of Hippocrates, a fraternal order of Greek physicians that healed over four hundred (400) diseases of their day.

Yoni steaming effectively cleanses, revivifies, rejuvenates, supports, revitalizes, and tones the feminine epicenter with the results being a plethora of positive health benefits (such as reducing and palliating menstrual complaints, including decreasing heavy menstrual flow and clearing dark menstrual blood which is a sign of toxicity, restoring healthy yoni (vaginal) pH balance, detoxifying the womb; tightening the vaginal canal, countering adverse vaginal conditions (BV/bacterial vaginosis and odors), nourishes and tonifies the uterine lining, and helps relax the vaginal canal and cervix to name a few of the health benefits.

Yoni Steaming is ideal for postpartum healing of the yoni (vagina) and womb (uterus) and is highly recommended by our herbalist, Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

Yoni steams/sitz baths are ideal for perineal, hemorrhoidal, episiotomy soak healing.

Directions: Add one ounce of herbs to hot water (in sitz bath which must be purchased separately).

Ingredients: Rose bud and flower petal, Red Raspberry leaf, Yarrow flower, Basil leaf, Motherwort, Calendula flower, Shepherd's Purse leaf, Rosemary leaf, Lavender bud, Mugwort, Chamomile flower, White Oak bark, Dandelion root, Witch Hazel bark, Comfrey root, Squawvine root, Blue Cohosh root, Black Haw root, Crampbark root, and Cranesbill (Alum) root.

Container: 16 oz clear glass jar with with white metal screw-on lid.