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Zornia Extract

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Zornia Extract

Zornia latifolia comes from the jungles of Peru and Brazil. The people of northern Mexico use Zornia for medicinal purposes. Zornia leaves have euphoric properties and euphoria is reported while awake, and while asleep, vivid dream activity (promotes oneiromancy, dreams as omens). Zornia also has mild muscle relaxant properties. It is a true entheogen.

NOTE: This extract works better and more effective for individuals who have not used or experimented with man-made chemical drugs (opiates, hullucinogens, etc.) which has a desensitizing and harmful effect on the brain and nervous system. This product is for the individual seeking to become more spiritually aware and enlightened, more in-tune with self, to enhance one’s intuition and psychic ability, and to increase one’s potential for traveling deeper into the dream world or lower astral plane. Great to use before meditation or chakra-balancing session. Highly recommended to help women to reach seismic climax by promoting relaxation state and opening up multi-dimensionally to their mate, especially when consumed with an aphrodisiac(s).

Safe for children (Indigo, Crystal, Ruby, Sirian, Komosan, Walk-In, Star-Seed, etc.).

This is a ritualistic product and while it may be consumed daily it is recommended that it is consumed on an as needed basis. With ancient/native peoples, rituals were not performed everyday, only periodically. In the West, drugs and marijuana is ingested daily for purposes of escaping reality, a harsh reality based upon unnatural existence due to disconnect from Nature which creates dis-ease on all levels, lastly manifesting in physical disease.

MESSAGE from Djehuty Ma’at-Ra: My special herbal extracts are not alternatives to man-made drugs to help you escape from deemed harsh reality and the unnatural stress it produces. They are tools to help responsible people to create their own reality.

The secret to overcoming the Matrix is to create your own reality while residing in the Matrix, using the Matrix to work for yourself and not the other way around. All the answers you require for knowing yourself, who you are, are within you, so the goal is to always go within (“the kingdom of God is within”). Man-made drugs distort your reality and prevent you from creating your own reality, something Nature’s herbs can assist you in doing and without adverse side effects including addiction.

The way out is in. You must go deep within self and herbs that are entheogenic, hullucinogenic, psychoactive, calming, relaxing, divinatory, etc. can help you go within and bring out the inner answers into your outer world to help you solve outer world/external problems (opportunities, for growth, development).

Contains NO alcohol (alcohol-free)!

Ingredients: Zornia latifolia, Vegetable Glycerine, and Alkaline Water.

Net weight: 2oz